Brow Lamination Secrets: Flawless Brow Film Wrap

As us beauty artists know, Brow Lamination has been all the rage this year. If you’ve been business savvy and added it to your services, we know you have most likely been booked up at the lash salon with lamination after lamination, so we thought why not create something to make things easier for you. So we wanted to let you in our all new Brow lamination secret…FLAWLESS BROW FILM WRAP.


Our brow film wrap is the handy go-to tool you need to maximise your time and work space while minimising your product waste. Using big rolls of cling film for brow laminations can take up much needed space at your work station, but the Flawless Brow Film Wrap is presented in a usual box for easy storage and access. 


As beauticians we already have enough tools we need to work with, lash tweezers, mirrors, brushes & more, so with the film wrap you will cut out an additional tool that clutters your space, SCISSORS! The Brow Film Wrap has a serrated edge built right into the design, so you can pull and cut in one swift motion. Not to mention the thinner segments of film means more precise pieces to place over processing eyebrows. Cutting a single section that will fit over the brows but will still be comfortable for clients can be a chore and we waste a lot of cling film to get the perfect piece.


Not too mention how much cling film is wasted when it all gets stuck together! The Flawless Brow Wrap keeps 2 METRES of film neatly organised so there’s no tangling or scrambling to find the edge. We all know a tidy beauty salon = a happy lash artist.


If you’re new to brow lamination, the Flawless Film Wrap can help to make the process easier for yourself, cutting down steps needed to get that perfect bit of wrap to go over the brows. But if you’re still struggling and want further tips we would recommend our online brow lamination course!

Brow Lamination is so popular right now we’re all looking to learn how to create the perfect fluffy brow, so what are some bad lash artists doing? LEARNING FROM YOUTUBE. 

When learning Brow Lamination, there is a lot of chemistry and anatomy of brow hairs, even more so that eyelash extensions sometimes, that you need to learn that Youtube isn’t teaching you, even. We get it, you’ve seen brow lamination videos and you think it looks easy BUT it is a dangerous procedure when not executed correctly. With our online brow lamination course, we will cover all of the science that goes behind the treatment, to make sure you are providing the safest possible service and use your tools effectively.


Here’s a top tip from the lash master herself to start you off

After Lotion 1, you will need to set the timing of the treatment according to the strength of your client’s brow hairs 

If their hairs look strong and enriched with keratin and you therefore have set the time to develop at 14 minutes, we always recommend checking 2 minutes before the end (after 12 minutes)

To correctly check whether brows have set, you can lift the film wrap and gently brush brow hairs to see if they fall back to their natural position. If they do then re-cover them for the last 2 minutes of development, but if they go not return to natural position that means the brows have set and you can end the time earlier than planned to ensure we are not over-processing them.

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