Chroma Mix Eyelash Extensions

June 09, 2017

Chroma Mix Eyelash Extensions

Chroma Mix Eyelash Extensions are the new hot beauty trend. Trend setters are saying that now is the time to go all out with colourful eye make up!

If you are fashion lover, why not to try semi permanent eyelash extensions? Add some colour to compliment the beauty of your eyes.

Flawless Lashes By Loreta Chroma Mix eyelash extensions offer brown, blue and purple colours ranging in broad spectrum of low lights, mid tones and highlights. Customers, who dont like bright colours have an option to choose a light brown chroma mix eyelash extensions, which can be nicely blended in with black eyelash extensions. This match suites brunettes and blond hair ladies.

Chroma mix eyelash extensions provide so many ways to play with other aspects of your chosen eye make up. You can match eyeliner, eye shadow and even clothes to the chroma mix lashes to create double effect.

The best Lash Artists always have coloured lashes in their stock to fulfill their customers needs.

Check these beautiful Chroma mix eyelash extensions applied by our talented trainer Julija Baltulioniene out! 

Chroma lashes

Now it is your turn, let your imagination guide you and see what work of art can you create! 

Flawless Lashes x

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