Eyelash Business - insight into a successful Salon

July 14, 2017

Eyelash Business - insight into a successful Salon

Flawless Lashes has asked Joanna Lee, very talented Lash Artist and successful business owner what the keys to a healthy business are. Here is her inspiring answers:

I believe that in order for your eyelash business to boom, it’s important that as well as lash skills you also need good interpersonal skills. Your job is going to be a lot harder if you don’t like dealing with people. So much of the eyelash business is word of mouth so people need to like you as well as your lashes to pass on a recommendation. Equally unless you have a passion for lashin’ your business is more likely to hit a few bumps. If you love your job it will shine through your work and your attitude. With passion and drive your bookings are sure to thrive. Assuming that you are a people person; you’ve invested in the best training and are well on your way to those super skills, you’ve probably been shot by the Cupid lash arrow and your lust for lashin’ is fully aroused.  With those boxes ticked, what else can you do to make sure that you are ahead of the game? First and foremost….Invest in YOU. You are your own USP. YOU are the reason that clients will keep coming back and not dream of seeing another lash tech. 

Top tips:

  1. Never stop learning/training. There is always more to glean from fellow Lash Artists and Master Trainers. You can always be better. Never rest on your laurels. Even some masters take classes.
  2. Consider investing in an electronically lifting couch. Not only does it look professional but this will protect your back (if you’re mobile invest in the lightest you can – some are only 10KG)
  3. Look after your body. Get a regular massage, take pilates classes…..above all keep yourself supple, moving and pain free, An injury could destroy your business.
  4. Don’t overbook your appointments.   Release the pressure, make sure you have enough time to stretch, drink water and breathe between clients.
  5. Ventilate your room and follow glue safety or you might end up with an adhesive sensitivity or with environmental asthma!
  6. Remember that NOT ALL BUSINESS IS ALL GOOD BUSINESS. Ditch those agonising clients, you know the ones! Let them go to the cheap lash bar up the road!
  7. Never undersell yourself. Make sure your prices reflect your USP – the YOU that you bring to the lash table.

Thank you Joanna Lee for lovely article originally posted on the 6 of December 2016. Check out Joanna's page: https://www.facebook.com/FlashlashBeauty/?pnref=lhc

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