Why is it fundamental to use an Eyelash Extension Isolator?

July 14, 2017

Why is it fundamental to use an Eyelash Extension Isolator?

Eyelash Extension Isolator might seem like an innocent, simple tool but don't be fooled, it is a weapon that can be used to make you or break you! Here is the two reasons why:

  1. It is used by Lash Competition Judges to find out if the eyelash extension is applied correctly without what we call "stickies": lashes stuck together, or extensions tangled with natural lashes. So basically it is the moment of truth when your skills are scored!
  2. In your work life, Eyelash Extension Isolator is your best friend to avoid clients coming back so soon to complain. You see, if you let your client leave the salon without checking your work carefully, they might have few extensions stuck together. This will create discomfort and extensions will fall prematurely. Let's face it, no one is perfect, that is why it is important to double check your work. 

Why are stickies happening?

Stickies happen when the natural lash is not isolated properly during treatment. It can be a tricky job as natural lashes have different sizes and directions. As they grow in stages, the youngest lashes, which Lash Artists call “baby lashes", are so tiny that they are almost impossible to see during eyelash extensions applications. Even with the best of care, they can accidentally get caught in the adhesive or the extensions creating stickies.

After you completed the treatment, always give yourself a few minutes to check your work thoroughly. Trust us, it worth the extra time for your own peace of mind. You will let the client leave your salon feeling entirely satisfied.

Bearing all this in mind as well as her years of experience as a Master Lash Artist and International Judge, Loreta has looked for the best tool to help her to do her job quickly and without leaving any unnoticed “stickies”. So save yourself time and money and check out our miraculous tool: our Eyelash Extension Isolator! 

Flawless Lashes Team (first published 29th of January 2017)

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