How to Create your own Instagram Filter

August 03, 2020 1 Comment

How to Create your own Instagram Filter

Who doesn’t love an IG filter? Because we do! If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own we’re here to show you how. We promise it’s a lot less daunting than it seems, so let’s get started. 


You Will Need:

  • A Facebook Account 
  • Spark AR
  • An Editing Software, we’ll be using Adobe Photoshop for this tutorial 


  1. Locate Spark AR’s range of face templates in their ASSET folder and open them in Photoshop
  2. Choose your face template and use this to layout your design
  3. When you are happy with your design, remove the face template and export your image as a PNG
  4. Now in Spark AF, you can choose a reverent template as a guide to work to, then add a MATERIAL to ASSET board and import your PNG file
  5. Click on the MATERIAL and you will find a drop down tab where you can link your design PNG to the MATERIAL
  6. This MATERIAL then needs to be linked to the face layer. You can add multiple layers of materials as long as they all link under the face mash layer.
  7. Once you are happy with your design outcome, you will need to export and save the filter
  8. A link will appear so you can submit your design to be approved by Instagram. This can take up to 14 days, but our’s was live by the next day
  9. Share on your Instagram!
If you would like an in-depth step by step tutorial, this YouTube video is helpful


Have fun with our new Kim K lash style filter & get making your own. They are a great way to get your lash styles out there and for clients to virtually try them!

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Alison Batres

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