November 13, 2020


We know you’re probably wracking your brain on what to do while your business is on hold… let’s utilise this time to reassess your instagram and all the ways you can really push your socials!
Let’s talk stories, feed posts and all things business online. We want to help you guys at home use this vital time to your advantage and NOT make it a weakness. 
It is really common that people don’t know how to use Instagram Stories to the fullest extent. There are loads of Story hacks that can take your Insta go from a 3 to a solid 10. What makes it even better is that they’re so simple!

Tip 1: Always add a coloured background to your stories

 If you’ve seen this on other’s stories & have had no idea how to achieve this we’re here to help! Tap the pen tool and next select your desired colour, hold down on the screen with one finger and watch it change colour in front of your eyes. 

Tip 2: Add your logo

Add a transparent background version of your logo to your phone & simply find this logo in camera roll, copy it, open Instagram stories and paste. Then move around and place it wherever you feel it looks best! We usually keep logos small and in the corners to ensure we’re not disrupting important imagery or text

Tip 3: Good lighting equals good quality.

Any photographer will tell you, lighting makes an image! Natural lighting is great for giving your imagery a soft, organic feel but we know that’s not always available, so investing in a GlamCor Light or ring light is important to get those images looking flawless & consistent. Avoid using your phone’s flash as an alternative to a constant light source, who ever looked good in a flash image, right?

Tip 4: Keep your stories super interactive.

You want to keep our audience as engaged with your content as possible, Instagram will always rewards those using their in-app tools! By adding polls, questionnaires, sliders or quizzes to your stories you can see how your followers are feelings, as well as receiving a more organic boost from Instagram rather than paying to promote your story. One of our favourites is a “what do you prefer” style poll where you ask what they’d rather have/do. We try to engage with our audience like this at least once a week to make sure we’re in touch with our community!

Tip 5: Hide those locations & hashtags

Want your stories to be seen under relevant locations & hashtags but hate the way they disrupt your story design? We recommend adding them, then simply dragging them offscreen to the side. This way they won’t get in the way of what you’re trying to say but your story will still appear under those tags.



We all know when it comes to the main feed that consistency is key however, there are some simple things that you might be missing that can transform your feed. Trust us when we say that they’re too easy to miss and are super effective

Tip 1: Don’t post too often!

Believe it or not, posting every single day is actually damaging to your account. Posting once every 3 days works perfectly and we would definitely recommend either cutting down or upping the amount of times you post weekly. This way you are also ensuring quality imagery is being put out, as you are allowing yourself more time to think about what your audience reacts well to and creating that original content! As opposed to scrambling for new imagery everyday that may not be up to your standard.

Tip 2: Everything must be consistent 

Visually everything on your feed must tie in together to stay aesthetically pleasing. As you may have noticed, we decided to find a single filter and apply it to every image, so no matter what sits alongside one another on the feed will look great. Find an editing app you love, we recommend VSCO, have a play around with some filters and find the perfect one that suits your brand aesthetic. 

Tip 3: Clear imagery is key!

As said before, making sure that your images are the best quality possible will not go unnoticed. Your phone is a great tool, with Portrait mode available on iPhone, you can create professional looking imagery with the touch of a button. You an also purchase a clip on lens for your phone so you can capture imagery at angles you may not have been able to before. A Macro Lens will help you get up close and personal with your lashes. Once you’ve found your perfect set up, taking clear and consistent imagery will be a breeze.

Tip 4: Water mark but don’t over do it!

We definitely agree to water marking your posts is a great way to ensure your imagery won’t be snatched up by naughty lash artists but don’t go crazy! This can often cheapen or just ruin the image. Keep it small and out of the way, we want to see those beautiful lashes. Placing your logo in the same spot every time will also help to keep up the consistency on your feed.


We love seeing those close up, detailed shots of your lashing, but when a new client visits your profile you want to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd. We recommend breaking up your feed with carefully designed or curated graphics that suit your branding. These graphics can give more details about business or simply be a motivation quote you want to share. Alternatively, sharing clients selfies or full face imagery, can help break up the stream fo eye pics. These kind of images ago help your clients see how your styling and mapping is. They’ll get a full image of the lashes and how they suit your models.

Tip 6: Engage, engage, ENGAGE!

Liking, commenting, saving and sharing other people posts won’t just benefit them, It benefits you too! This will up your engagement and send you higher up the feed. Instagram built a community and it wants to see you engaging with it. In this case, sharing is quite literally caring.



Why not get started today? After all, we still have a couple of weeks to burn right? 

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