How To Recover Lash Business After Lockdown

July 08, 2020 2 Comments

How To Recover Lash Business After Lockdown

How to recover your business after lockdown

It’s a frustrating time to be in the lashing business. We’re still waiting to be given the mandate by the Government to re-open, even though we vouch so heavily for our industry’s ongoing commitment to exemplary hygiene standards. But we want to encourage you to channel that frustration into something more productive for your business. Read on for our top tips for recovering your business after lockdown. 

Business recovery is going to depend on two umbrella actions: Reflection and Adaption.

Time to reflect

There is still time to consider how you might need or want to shift your business model. This will help you know the action steps to take to help you move forward. Questions you might ask yourself may be: 

Which services and products make up the majority of my revenues?

Should I streamline my service offering? 

Should I do some additional training to add a new service to excite my customers on their return? 

As part of your reflection, now is also the time to create an amended profit plan, based on the information that we have regarding reduction on operating space in salons, which could mean 30-50% less visitors. It’s also time to map out expected additional or new expenses, such as PPE, cleaning materials, amendments to bricks-and-mortar premises, should you have them. 

The final, and probably the most challenging part of this reflection process, will be shifting your perspective and committing to doing the mindset work that will need to be done to get through this challenging time. Because we will come through it.

Time to adapt

We’re in this for the long haul. We have all taken advice and put certain measures in place to protect our businesses. But we’ll only know if they will work once we get to put them into action. As business owners, we need to be resilient and understanding of the fact that this will be an ongoing period of change. Services menus may be changed or temporarily reduced. Hours of operation may need to be adapted. Additional procedures will need to be brought in. 

Old Appetite, New Normal

We have been encouraged by the customer bounceback we have seen from the hospitality and beauty businesses that have opened over the last week or so. Your customers are excited to resume their beauty treatments. One glance at your DMs, social media or your email enquiries will confirm this. The best way to manage enquiries will be to clearly and consistently let your customers know how operations and bookings will work moving forward, across all of your messaging channels. 

Managing uncomfortable situations

There are very few people that will not have been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. And we know that one of our customers biggest concerns has been pricing moving forward. We understand that your first instinct may be to reduce the cost of your services or adhere to client demand for discounts.

Our motto would always be to champion the unique factors that make your business great, and believe in the quality of your services. As we said, this is a long game, and once we come out the other side, you don’t want to risk damaging your earning potential by underselling your services now.

And our encouragement would instead be to think of areas where you can add value. 

  • Can you create exciting combo services that, given bookings are like gold dust, mean your client can have multiple treatments in one visit? 
  • Can you giveaway samples, create interesting add-on sales packages?
  • Are there other services you can add that fall at a lower price point? 

Another way to avoid reducing your prices, will be to reduce your outgoings. We have noticed restaurants offering reduced menus to reduce expenses. Could now be a good time to streamline your offering, even temporarily? Are there resources and tools you can operate without? Can you negotiate with suppliers to achieve better prices? 

However you choose to respond to re-opening, our main encouragement would be to believe in yourself and in the quality of the services you offer. As with most things in life, this too will pass. 

Standing with you always, in solidarity and success, lashistas.

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LeVonne King
LeVonne King

September 11, 2020

Thank you for reinforcing that our standards are not lowered but heightened during this pandemic and with matches that standard and demands a price structure that supports us through the current and upcoming changes. Lowballing your skill, education and professionalism is never a good idea!


September 11, 2020

This is a very well thought out article. I appreciate your point of view on the matter of pricing. Eyelash Extensions were never designed for the poor, nor were they designed to be speedy.

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