Lash Adhesive, less or more

Lash adhesive, less or more?

When it comes to lash adhesive or glue having a great lash adhesive is fundamental in your lash business. Learning how to use it and get the best out of it will benefit you immensely.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta have a complete range high quality lash adhesives to suit every skilled professional and environment.

Using a crystal and disposable glue palette allows the lash adhesive to remain in a bead keeping all the components as one.

Carefully pierce the bead of adhesive with the lash extension gliding in and slowly out to coat all the surfaces of bottom third like a glove.

Place the extension immediately onto the natural lash in the direction you desire, no swiping just place.

This will give you optimal results with beautiful lash sets, no visible glue and exceptional retention with returning clients.

This in turn gives you piece of mind and a healthy sustainable lash business.

Click on the link below for visual lash adhesive pick up method 

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Flawless Lashes By Loreta Lash Trainer – Karen Kirby

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