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Lash Extension Lockdown Money Makers

November 05, 2020

Lash Extension Lockdown Money Makers

 With many countries within Europe going back into second national lockdown, ourselves in the UK included, we wanted to share with you our Flawless lash tips & tricks on the keeping the cash flow going during these uncertain times. 

 As we know, most eyelash artists are self employed and we love the independence! But when it comes to getting support it often falls short. So it’s key to find new ways to get our eyelash businesses going when lash salons isn’t an option. It just takes a little bit of adaptation & imagination! 



Lashing comes with a lot of aftercare needs, so use this to your advantage! Eyelashes require maintenance with daily washing & brushing, so ask yourself, do your clients have everything they need?

If you’re still lashing and a lockdown is impending in your area, start putting together lash after care packages. Provide eyelash cleanser & brushes to first time clients or recurring clients who may need a top up. You could even make these personalised for added attention to detail. Let lash clients know these eyelash products will be necessary to maintain lash health through times between infills.

If your area has already gone into lockdown & up-selling aftercare is a thing of the past, we always recommend offering eyelash home care products to your clients. With it no longer possible to book lash infills you can provide everything your clients need to keep their lashes in tip top shape while they isolate. Eyelash Serums that nourish & boost growth in natural lashes are perfect to maintain lash health while taking a breather from lash extensions or letting existing ones grow out. On top of that if lash extensions are growing out, applying Intensive Eye mascara will no longer effect them.

Applying a lash mascara with nourishing qualities, like our Intensive Eye Mascara, rather than one that may further damage lashes, will also make your job easier when they’re back in the beauty salon ready for their next full lash set. You can bulk lash products like these at a discounted rate and sell to your clientele at a higher rate to make sure you’re making the income to sustain yourself through these times.


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Another way to keep the lash addiction alive is strip lashes! If your clients are obsessed with the mega lash volume look and won’t be able to go without for the next month, you can stock up on stunning strip lashes to sell. We know at the start of the first lockdown lash artists were getting productive and making custom strip lashes to provide to their clientele but is the time & cost of the products used really worth it? We don’t think so. 

Save your time and the cash in your pocket by buying up lashes from other brands. There are lots of discounts available to you right now, so this is the time to get prepped. We know making your own custom ones is great practice for when you’re back but at this time it’s best to make your business a priority and make smart choices.

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All we want for Christmas is LASHES! And so will most of your clients, so offering vouchers for them to purchase for themselves or for loved ones to buy as a gift, will give you a boost until you’re able to open your doors again. You can have fun with this and design some elegant physical gift cards or an e-voucher that can be sent out instantly via email. The gift of lashes is the best kind of gift.

With vouchers comes Terms & Conditions and you want to make sure you’re making them a little lenient for your clients. If you are putting out vouchers that are ‘VALID FOR 1 MONTH’, and GOD FORBID we’re in this lockdown any longer than expected, they will no longer be able to use those vouchers. Leave them open ended or include ‘VALID FOR 1 FULL SET’ rather than giving them a time frame of when they can be used by. This will also mean your clients will feel more comfortable buying them, as they know they can redeem them whenever you’re ready and able to get lashing again. 


The festive season is coming, even though it may not feel as festive as it once did, lash addicts will still be wanting a full eyelash set before the holidays. Get your December diary open with priority booking! 

If the eager clientele are there then don’t hesitate to let them know you’ve got your appointments open for the Christmas season, you may be booked up quicker than you think. Be sure to make these lash appointments cancel-proof with a deposit. Let clients know that to obtain these priority appointments with you they will need to provide a deposit before arrival. This could be a small percentage or exact amount of the final cost and reassure them that when they come for their next lash fix, this deposit will be taken off what they pay on the day. This will help you stagger your cash flow and get some financial support through November while you’re unable to open.

We hope this has helped you with some ways to boost your lash business and continue being a flawlashboss throughout lockdown. From all of the Flawless LashTeam, we want to wish you best of luck and know we will get through this together. We’ve done it before and we can do it again!

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