Lash extensions for a big day

July 18, 2018 3 Comments

Lash extensions for a big day

Lash extensions are currently one of the fastest growing beauty service in the beauty industry and is the top treatment for brides, models etc . Eyelash Extensions provide you an effortless flawless look 24/7, including when you walk out of the sea or swimming pool. Ok, we are not talking about jumping into a pool with your wedding dress, but on your big day there will be plenty of happy tears. You don’t want to ruin your make up and you don’t have time to reapply your Mascara every few minutes. You have loads of going on already.

Wedding Lash Extensions set done by FL licensed trainer and Lash Master Gabrielle (Belgium).

So your big day is nearly here...

And you have come across a question:

Mascara or Lash extensions ?
Really? These 2 products/treatments shouldn’t even be compared! To wear Mascara and be able to see Volume and length you have to have really strong and long natural lashes.
Panda eyes … That’s not pretty. Ok, there is waterproof Mascara, but cleaning it off can damage your natural lashes, as to get it off is really hard.
Lash extensions, especially Russian Volume extensions give you beautiful, soft, full look. When you blink, your boyfriend/husband will fall in love with you again. Photos of your big day will be unforgettable. Lashes will be your main make up, oh and of course don't forget eyebrows. 

Wedding Lash Extensions set done by FL licensed trainer and Lash Master Ruta (Poole, UK).

The bigger The better?! Ok, let me tell you something, only if you have strong and long natural lashes, you might be able to blink without looking sleepy ;) Do you like sleepy and tired eyes? Of course not. The Beauty of eyelash extensions is to enhance your natural beauty. Have you ever seen biggest Hollywood Stars with crazy long lashes? Nope. You just see how beautiful they are, don’t fall for an optical lie, they do wear extensions, but super natural , which gives Glamorous look.

Wedding Lash Extensions sets done by FL licensed trainer and Lash Master Julija (Reading, UK).

So you have decided to go for lash extensions.
You can find Lash 
extensions artists everywhere these days. Don’t fall for cheapest one. You may end up paying double. Do your research and find the best one. When I say find the best one, it does not have to be the most expensive one. Check photos of their work on social media, reviews etc. Don’t leave it till the last day or week. It is important to have a patch test done, as you don’t want your eyes to get swollen or red on the wedding day. Patch test has to be done minimum 48 hours before original lash extensions treatment.  And this is not the main thing. You also have to try them on and see what design suits you best. When you have lash extensions done, you might get slightly red eyes. Redness will go away, don’t panic, but you need to give extra time. Be prepared, because your wedding day is the most important day in your life!;) 

You can find our Flawless eyelash courses here in the UK.

Wedding Lash Extensions set done by licensed FL trainer and Lash Master Ema (Spain).



 Loreta J.

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sara khan
sara khan

September 11, 2020

Mostly girl groom their lashes at time of wedding ceremony due to look good.


May 01, 2019

Thanks for a valuable post on Lash Extensions. Really I’ve learnt many things about eyelash extensions from your post. Hope you’ll provide such informative articles regularly.


September 03, 2018

I’m intrested in your eyelash extention courses.Could you please send me more details about prices and trainings itself.
Kind Regards

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