Lash shed season

April 18, 2018 1 Comment

Lash shed season

Seasonal lash shedding. Is this really a thing??

Client: ‘But Lashes last forever don’t they?’

Lash tech: ‘NO THEY DO NOT!!!’

Believe it or not, some clients actually think that they are born and die with the same set of lash extensions. Crazy I know. In fact, our natural lashes are constantly shedding every day due to our lash cycle. On average, it is completely normal to lose anything from 5- 7 natural lashes per day! We just don’t notice as our natural lashes are super fine (apart from the odd one which you find on your face which I like to blow away and make a wish with but that’s just me 😊).

So let’s talk about this ‘lash shedding cycle’ in more detail shall we?

Our hair, whether it be the hair on our head or on our eyelids (yes, lashes are hair) go through 3 stages of growth. And when I say hair or lash, I mean each individual eyelash will have its own cycle, with its own little blood supply.

They start at the anagen stage (which I like to call my baby newborn lashes). These are teeny tiny little lashes that are just starting to poke out from the lash line. Can you still apply an extension to these anagen lashes I hear you say? Well yes of course you can, in fact, we encourage you too. But be careful to only use a very short, lightweight lash on these newborns as we don’t want to cause any lash damage by over loading, which at the end of the day is our top priority. NO LASH DAMAGE guys, remember that!

Then we have our catagen stage (otherwise known as the changing/transitional stage). Our natural lashes are about mid length here and having a little well deserved rest, so they may stay at this length/stage for a few weeks (perfect stage to lash as they will last the longest 👌🏻).

Finally we have the telogen stage. Our lash is fully grown now and ready to shed, leaving in its place a baby anagen lash and then the cycle starts all over again. Did you know that a telogen lash can be the worst to apply an extension to as it can shed at any minute?? Well you do now 👍🏻 In total the average lash cycle from start to finish is around 12 weeks. Well that’s the boring scientific stuff out of the way with.

Now the big question is, do we lose more lashes in certain seasons or at certain times of the year.....?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Most annoying for us lash techs, seeing our beautiful work not lasting as long as it could, but a very good time to start educating our clients. So why do we lose more lashes in certain seasons then? Well you know how animals such as cats and dogs tend to moult more after the winter months, losing a lot of their thick winter coats ready for the new warmer temperatures in spring/summer? Well it is exactly the same for us humans! We shed our human hair in preparation for changes in temperature. 

We are however very different from one another. So it may be quite the opposite from person to person. During the winter months, humidity tends to be quite low which can make our lashes more brittle, causing them to fall faster than normal. Whilst in the summer months, everything tends to be a little better. I mean not just our lashes, but our skin, nails even our attitude! More sunshine means more vitamin d production and we also generally eat a better diet of fruit, salads and vegetables which are all key ingredients to healthy strong everything, including our lashes!

Others may find that the heat from the sun may cause more sweating, increasing more oil production in our skin. As we lash techs know, oil is like our worst enemy. Our adhesive just hates it as it leads to poor retention! Boooooo :( 

So it is very true that our bodies do react as the seasons change. It is a fact! 

The best tips to battle the dreaded seasonal lash sheds?

Ensure lashes are thoroughly cleansed prior to each Infill appointment and I can’t stress how important it is for your clients to wash their lash extensions daily at home!

We know when a client has been lying to us don’t we.....naughty little closed fans!! Schedule more frequent maintenance sessions if needed. But don’t worry, the dreaded seasonal shed won’t last forever. After around 6 weeks everything should start returning to normal. It is just something that our clients have to ride out but it is our job as technicians to make them aware of this. 

So don’t be down on yourself fellow lash artists if you are noticing this. It is indeed a real thing and not a reflection on your work. It will all settle down soon and your lash sets will go back to looking as full as ever! 

Happy lashing to you all xxx


Katie Williams


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May 01, 2019

Just wondering.. when is shedding season over ?!!!

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