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Loreta's down under experience

October 26, 2017 2 Comments

Loreta's down under experience

Back in March, when she got invited to teach in Australia and to speak at the prestigious Lash Vision Melbourne, Loreta was over the moon! When she realised that she had to spend 26 hours on a plane with 3 changes....she was still excited ... but dreaded the journey!

And then we made it official. The original class organised got so popular that it sold out pretty much as soon as available. So many of you amazing lash artists and talented ladies showed interest that we had to organise a second class which, guess what, sold out as fast as the first one!

Finally, the day came when Loreta had to suffer the long journey to the opposite side of the world. And no, unfortunately the new Total Recall film hasn't made it to reality yet: there is no shortcut through the Earth that only takes 17 minutes. Therefore, she had to sit in one of those flying machines with wings we call planes.

After 7 hours flight and a stop in Dubai, another 7 hours and a stop in Singapore and another 7 hours and finally landed in Melbourne to be going through the friendly Australian customs who asked her why she wanted to see kangaroos and joked with her about her appearance at the conference. She already knew that trip did worth the pain.

Lash Vision

As soon as she arrived, her Australian experience started. She couldn't figure out whether the dizziness and confusion was coming from the jet-lag or from the overwhelming Australian environment (and the glass of wine that magically appeared in her hand). The following 5 days came and went as quickly as a lightning bolt. From events to discoveries, confusion to laughs and meeting with a lot of lovely people.

Starting with a visit of a beautiful vineyard and first encounter with the locals (I mean kangaroos as well as people) followed by the glamorous Lash Vision conference and the unique chance to exchange ideas and discuss hot topics with some of the biggest lash industry specialist.

Australia trip

Then came the classes full of highly dedicated students coming from all over Australia and even New-Zealand including trainers. Loreta recounts how the class was falling silent sometimes and she could hear the students brain processing the information. And how some of the students were astonished and spellbound by the new way of working with eye lash extensions. Even though the understanding of it was completely new, they quickly got their heads around it and applied their newly acquired knowledge to create their own master piece.

Loreta has been submerged by lovely feedback from her students and strong bonds have been build even in few days. That's without talking about the happy models who left looking like a million dollars! 

australia class with Loreta

Of course the experience wouldn't have been possible without the help and extraordinary organisation skills of our hosts Renee Gurney and Otto Mitter. They both went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had what they needed so the focus could be on everyone's favourite subject: the eyelash extensions! They also introduced Loreta to Melbourne's best spots and quirkiness like Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant.

So we are left to wonder: is Loreta going to come back to Australia (and braving the long journey and jet-lag)? The answer is: just a like a boomerang thrown correctly, now she tasted Australia, she can only come back! So Australia, prepare yourself!





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Laura Lane
Laura Lane

November 23, 2017

Loretta, will you be coming backing in 2018 for Lash Vision Australia and hosting another training seminar?

Karla Gaudet
Karla Gaudet

October 28, 2017

Yes please Loretta come back! Unfortunately i was not quick enough to get a spot this time

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