One month, two countries, three advanced classes

December 08, 2017

One month, two countries, three advanced classes

Does Loreta have the travel bug? Quite possibly. If you had a look at her passport, you could spend hours counting the many different stamps she collected along her quest to spread her lashtastic knowledge! She is now a specialist for booking flights (and picking the best seat on the plane), packing suitcase (and never forgetting her toothbrush), going through custom (while keeping her cool through interviews), picking souvenirs along her way (and not being charged for extra luggage on the way back). What a pro!!!

So what was Loreta up to in November? Well, amongst the Black Friday sale frenzy, training our new official trainers (meet our trainers here!), teaching in our Academy...Loreta has been invited to share her acclaimed skills in Romania and Norway.


Visit to promising Romania

Loreta's trip to Romania was a meticulously-planned affair organised by our lovely Flawless Lashes Romania Team including relaxation at the hairdresser, fascinating visit of the local attraction Salina Turda (beautiful salt mine), discovery of local food and drinks while socialising, business meeting and of course our signature Advanced Class. Flawless Lashes Romania has let us in on some secret business plans which are so exciting that we are struggling to keep it to ourselves!!! Watch this space for updates in 2018! 

Students flown from Hawaii and Greece to attend a rather intimate training. As you can tell from the pictures, students were very attentive and receptive to Loreta's techniques, and what a result! Well done girls!

Romania Advanced Volume Class


Trip to refreshing Norway

Norway is now a regular destination for Loreta. In the middle of November, even though Norway is freezing in temperature it has a warm heart. Loreta was being well looked after and swiftly taken to the nicest restaurant in town for a lovely meal and catch up with the Lashbar Norway team then the business started. 

Loreta's Advanced class was one of a kind on that Sunday, mixing talented students and aerobics. Yes, you read me right, calories were burned during this training. The luxurious and cosy venue for the class had treatment beds on two floors. This didn't stop Loreta making sure that everyone had plenty of personalised advice during practice and she did rise to the challenge, climbing those stairs up and down with a smile!

Lashbar Norway made the most of Loreta's visit and even organised their own private training the following day. The training was informal and friendly but very complete and included marketing and business tips.

 Norway Volume extension class


Where to next?

Everyone needs a break sometimes, and even though Loreta sometimes comes across as invincible, she's been convinced to stay still and spend December at home. But this successfully lady cannot be stopped for long and as early as beginning February, she'll be back onto travel mode with a conference in Romania, shortly followed by judging a competition in Amsterdam, an Advanced course in Florida (already almost sold out) and judging a competition in Mexico!

If you have your own salon and would like to invite Loreta to come train in your city, feel free to contact us at academy@flawlesslashesbyloreta and find out how to get Loreta to come and visit you!

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