The most popular eyelash styles for the festive period

December 17, 2019

The most popular eyelash styles for the festive period

With Christmas and New Year celebrations just around the corner, it's once again the season of dazzling parties and nights socialising with friends old and new. 

With so many upcoming events logged in your smartphone's calendar, it can be time-consuming to work out what you'll wear to each of them in order to stand out and feel your best this year. When you're picking out dresses and trying on shoes, however, make sure that you don't forget one of the most important components: your eyelashes, of course.

One way to enhance your look this Christmas is to opt for the perfect false eyelashes or lash extensions to really bring out your natural features and achieve that truly glamorous look. With so many styles and shapes available, there is an art to selecting the perfect eyelash style for you. 

We've put together the biggest eyelash trends this season to help you determine which style will help you shine as you ring in 2020.

Opt for a sultry look with cat-eye lashes

We have all heard of the 'cat-eye' look with eyeliner, but now you can enhance this effect with eyelashes that are cleverly placed to create this result as well. 

You can visit a technician and request this style or opt to create the look yourself at home with the appropriate tools. The cat-eye style is created by placing longer individual lashes at the corner of your eyes on the outside of your face and shorter ones closer to the interior corners.

Cat-eye lashes are the ideal look if you have smaller or round eyes, in addition to eyes that turn slightly upwards. The result is that your eyelashes fan out and widen the appearance of your eyes, thereby balancing all of your facial features and enhancing your chosen makeup. 

These lashes pair perfectly with winged eyeliner in a bold black. Consider also adding a bit of sparkle for the New Year's Eve festivities!

The eyelash style that makes hearts flutter

If you want to turn heads without going for quite as bold a look as the cat-eye, there is another perfect option for you this holiday season. The doll eye style is a classic for a reason and its popularity has only increased this year. 

This technique involves placing lashes in the middle of your eye's natural curve to create a fuller look that opens up your eyes and makes them appear instantly bigger.

If you have slim or almond-shaped eyes, this style is perfect for creating a rounder look and making your makeup really pop. As this approach subtly increases the height and depth of your eyes, it's also ideal for creating harmony in your facial features if you have slightly wider set eyes.

The 'I'm Not Wearing Any Lashes' Look'

Another big trend this year in eyelash extensions is the more subtle, refined approach that allows you to enhance your eyes without appearing like you've added any overly artificial elements. 

This style involves adding carefully selected individual lashes to match the natural curve and length of your eyelashes. The result is a gentle volumising effect similar to that of a rich mascara, but with added depth and texture that can only be achieved with the actual addition of eyelashes.

If you have a dinner party planned over the next month or a business event that calls for a more restrained approach to your makeup, a natural lash extension look is the perfect solution. The style is completely tailored to enhance your own features, so you're guaranteed a unique look on the night.

A bold style that's ideal for parties

It wouldn't be the season of celebrations and joy without at least one option to add a little extra sparkle to your style. You've likely dabbled in coloured eyeliners and glittery eyeshadows, but this year you could add a unique twist to your eyelash extensions. 

With this technique, you can opt to have eyelashes in various colours and degrees of brightness placed amongst your own natural lashes. As with all extension options, you can tailor the look to be as dramatic or subtle as you feel like on that particular day. 

Just make sure that you leave enough time for removal before the New Year actually begins!

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