Why is our new Brow Sculpt a BIG WOW for ALL brows?

We all know Brow lamination has quickly swept the industry as the next big thing in beauty. With brows being one of our most prominent facial features & celebrities like Lily Collins & Cara Delevingne entering the scene, the pressure to keep them Flawless is prominent now more than ever before. The art of creating beautifully fluffy & natural looking brows is the perfect secret weapon all beauty techs need to give a boost to their business. It’s a perfect alternative to the lengthy process of learning to micro-blade, while still restructuring brows and framing the eyes with a just-combed effect. What more could you want!?


But how do clients keep up this look in-between treatments? 


The Soap Brow style is all the rage, so we can be certain your clients are using brow gels or soaps until they’ve booked in with you next. But are these products making the brows hard or crispy? These kinds of products will be harsher & won’t be nourishing to their natural brows, making your job harder at their next appointment. Enter Flawless Brow Sculpt!


You can ensure to prolong the Flawlessly laminated brow look with our newly formulated Brow Sculpt. The product can be applied over treated brows & added to their daily grooming routine. Brow Sculpt contains aloe vera & castor oil to maintain super soft brow hair while still achieving maximum hold. Castor oil will also give the added benefit of encouraging brow hair growth. Just like lash extensions, taking care of treated brows is important for the health of your natural brows and keeps those treatments lasting longer. 


So why use Brow Sculpt with untreated brows?


Don’t fret, you can apply Brow Sculpt to untreated brows too! If you haven’t made the plunge yet with brow lamination or taking a break from your regular treatments, this is that dream product you’ve been searching for. Add to your daily routine & watch the magic happen as you apply to your natural brow hairs. Reduce your time getting ready with the quick to use spoolie applicator, designed to create a fuller appearance to all brow shapes. So, Whether your natural brows are thin & wispy or bushy & unruly, you can tame them with Brow Sculpt. At night when you’re ready to take off the day, Brow Sculpt can easily be removed with water, because all just want to get in bed right? But taking our make up beforehand is very important.


When you haven’t had the time for a tint too, you can complete the look in two easy steps;


  1. Fill space areas with Duo Brow
  2. Shape and define with Brow Sculpt


With all this global uncertainty, we are recommending now more than ever to start stocking up on salon extras. If your client’s favourite treatment is brow lamination, Brow Sculpt is the perfect add-on sale so they can maintain the look in-between appointments. In the same way, if you client is obsessed with Lash Lifts, our lift-safe Intensive Eye Mascara is the perfect extra. If your salon is having to close due to local or national lockdowns, this will ensure you’ve maximised everything you can from business. You can come back stronger than ever with new products to offer your eager clients. 



So what are you waiting for Lashista!?


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