Why should you learn Eyelash Extensions before holiday season begins?

July 14, 2017

Why should you learn Eyelash Extensions before holiday season begins?

For many people, pampering before going on holidays is as important as packing sunscreen and a bikini. Are you prepared to surprise your clients and offer a new service, a loyalty card or a gift? Have you considered Eyelash Extensions as an additional service to offer your clients? Lash extensions provide your client an effortless flawless look 24/7 including when they walk out of the sea or swimming pool.

With qualifications in various fields, you can become a ‘one stop shop’ for your clients, maximise your income and build a new clientele that are interested in additional services.

Eyelash extensions are currently one of the fastest growing niche in the beauty industry and is the top treatment to offer your clients before a holiday season and invite them for more at quiet times.

Of course, you want to make sure that you can offer eyelash extensions that your clients are happy with. It’s not exactly rocket science, if you are really good, your clients will come back for more. We know for a fact that Eyelash Extension is highly addictive! Provide them with the best service, reward them with small gifts and your salon will be flooded with clients during and after any holiday season.

There is still time for you to qualify in classic lash extensions or start creating luxurious fans. We offer various courses in Flawless Lashes Training Academy which is based in Crawley, UK. We cover every level from learning the base with the Foundation class, to improving your existing skills with our Advanced Volume training, for the ones eager to become the best. 

We have plenty to offer for everyone. Navigate to our Training Courses page and select the best course that suits your level. Our Master Lash Trainer Loreta, travels worldwide to provide Advanced Volume eyelash extensions courses near you.

Flawless Lashes Team (first published 30th of November 2015)

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