Eyelash Brushes

The full range of high quality Flawless eyelash brushes by Loreta help eyelash technicians with all the tools to create masterpieces for their clients. Check out our full eyelash brush range and reviews here:

Our Eyelash Brush Range

How are our eyelash brushes different from one another?


  • The Mini Micro Swab's are our range of disposable eyelash cleaning brushes.
  • Our compact Travel Mascara Brush allows you to keep gorgeous lashes on the move.
  • Our unique 2 in 1 brushes are perfect for both cleaning the lashes and eyelid before applying the lashes.
  • Create a clean and long lasting look with our Eyelash Cleansing Brush.
  • The Silicone & Standard Mascara Brushes are our disposable range of mascara brushes used for any type of eyelash extension.


What have customers said about some of our Eyelash brushes?

Eyelash Cleansing Brush (Pack of 5): “Super soft bristles which gets right between lashes and gets them super clean. Much softer than most brushes” Chloe Ithell on Jul 09, 2018


Silicone Mascara Brush (Pack of 10): “I love these brushes as they last forever!” Saffron Edwards on Jan 15, 2018


2 in 1 Brushes (Pack of 10): “Great product for clients so they can clean lashes and brush them all in one, also amazing for doing your eyebrows with.” Kershia on Jul 15, 2018


Travel Mascara Brush: “Hadn't seen any travel friendly brushes before, until now! So easy to chuck in your bag and you don't have to worry about it getting fluffy and dirty!!” Saffron Edwards on Jan 15, 2018


Mascara Brush (Pack of 10): “These brushes are so good and really cute. The clients love getting a free one to brush at home and they do exactly what they're supposed to do and don’t tug on the extensions” Jade on Jan 17, 2018