Lash Lift Starter Kit - Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Lash Lift Starter Kit

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Flawless Lash Lift Starter Kit is available for professional eyelash technicians wanting to give their clients a natural, semi-permanent eyelash lift and curl. Flawless Lash Lift Starter Kit content: 

Product Price
Packaging  £0.00
Flawless Lash Lift Glue  £21.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.1  £30.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.2  £30.99
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.3  £35.50
Lash and Brow Tint 15ml (Blue black)  £8.99
Lash and Brow Brown Colour Tint 5ml   £9.89
Oxidant Liquid  3% (100ml)  £9.99  
Lash Lift Rods (Pack of 4 sizes)  £10.50
Lash Lifting Tool  £14.50
Lash Lift Comb (1 pcs)  £1.50
Lash Lift Brushes (1 pcs)  £2.10
Lash Separating brush (1 pcs)  £0.00
Hydrogel Eye Pads (Pack of 5)  £2.87
Foam Cleanser Sachets x 5 sachets   £4.50
Crystal Glue Plate  £7.30

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