0.04 Mixed Lengths Mega Volume Lash Extensions

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Flawless Lashes by Loreta 0.04 Mixed Lengths Mega Volume Lash Extensions are mixed lengths trays available in C, CC & D curls. These trays are combining 5 lengths, saving you from having to get 5 individual trays. 

Soft, light and silky, our 0.04 Mega Volume Lash Extensions are similar to natural lashes, therefore ideal for everyday use and wear. They are perfect for Russian Volume and Mega Volume 8D-15D.


Loreta's tips:

Used with the right lash extension adhesive, our 0.04 Mega Volume Lash Extensions guarantee you a great retention, glamorous look and many happy clients.

Not sure how to make the best of your lash extension? Come and learn Loreta's best tips and techniques at our Academy.



Due to extremely thin fibre, 0.04 Mega Volume Lash Extensions may seem to have a bluish tinge while in the tray. This is not noticeable on the completed lash set.

We have new packaging slowly coming through. This means that you may receive a mix of current and new packaging within your order. Thank you for bearing with us through this transition.

Key info
  • Mat velvet finish for a natural look
  • Colour BLACK
  • Ultra light weight
  • PBT fiber
  • Available in C, CC & D Curl
  • Weight/Thickness 0.04
  • Tray contains 16 lines: lengths 8 to 12mm.

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