M Curl Volume Lash Extensions

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M-Curl eyelash extensions have taken the lash world by storm in the last couple of years. Compared their sister the L Curl, they have a straight base which is slightly shorter, which then curves more gently into a straightish, upward-pointing curl. M Curls really open-up the eye and are so versatile, they suit almost any eye shape! Also available: M curl mixed length trays.

Key info


M Curl Lashes


Matt black


100% Synthetic PBT Fibre



Number of rows


Pack type

Single lengths

Lengths available



Latex free



The unique curl of M eyelashes means they make almost any eye shape pop - every lash tech should have some in her kit at all times! They adhere especially well to straighter lashes. Ours are super-easy to fan for stunning volume looks, and come in a rich matt black colour, giving your clients a natural yet luxe appearance.

How to use

  • Use on a full set for a wide-eyed look
  • Mix with other curls to create fabulous texture
  • Perfect for sexy Cat and Kitten designs
  • The ultimate choice for deep-set and hooded eyes as they don’t curve back towards the under-brow area like a D curl does
  • Use slightly longer lengths such as 8mm or 9mm in the outer or inner corners – thanks to the the lifting effect of the special bend, they won’t look droopy in the corners of the eye.

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