About Loreta

Loreta JasilionyteLoreta Jasilionyte, founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, is quickly rising to the head of the lash industry with her range of impeccable products and coveted courses.

Loreta history

Originally a nurse and midwife, Loreta J had always yearned to break into the beauty industry. After years of hard work and dedication, she has become a figurehead in the lash industry, with aspiring technicians from all over the world eager to learn from her unparalleled expertise.

Her combination of medical training and beauty schooling make her one of the most respected international lash trainers and judges in the industry, and she has gone on to educate some of the leading trainers in the largest lash companies. Her techniques are second to none.

Since founding Flawless Lashes, Loreta has become a pioneer in new techniques, and is invited to travel the world as an international judge for many prestigious competitions.

With years of experience and many happy clients, Loreta prides herself in the precision and quality she brings to everything she does. She has built herself a reputation as one of the top Master Lash Stylists. Her work is always nothing short of ‘flawless’.

Loreta’s speciality is Russian Volume Lashes. They offer multiple extensions of a minuscule diameter, applied to just one natural lash, resulting in a natural yet dramatic look that will give a healthier, denser finish than you could ever achieve with individual lash extensions.

When it comes to Russian Volume, Loreta is one of the best!

After establishing the Flawless Lashes Training Academy, her students have gone on to forge their own prestigious paths within the industry.

In her own words, ‘lashes are my world, my students are my kids’.

Loreta J is thoroughly committed to her students’ success as much as her own. Offering courses worldwide, Loreta’s classes are in huge demand, and she continues to expand her teaching repertoire, going from strength to strength.

Loreta recognises a huge gap for education in the industry. She promises a rounded awareness of the newest lash trends, techniques and the manufacture of lash products, opening eyes to the wider world of lashes.


Loreta’s training is different. The emphasis is on striving to create flawless masterpieces and caring for healthy lashes, not just simply learning how to place lashes upon lashes. Leading trainers employed by the globally established lash companies such as Nouveau Beauty Group, Flirties, MyBrandLashes, Minkys and Nova Lash Trainers to name a few, have been trained by Loreta. Many of her students have gone on to forge their own prestigious paths within the industry.