Adhesive Seal Pouch


Here at Flawless lashes, we are often asked what is the best way to keep adhesive in order to make it last longer.


Adhesives are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, humidity and light. Adhesive Seal Pouch keeps your adhesive protected from all three crucial factors in a glamorous, space efficient and not bank breaking way.



Adhesives not included.

How to use
  1. Open the pouch
  2. Add a silica gel into the pouch to prevent and absorb humidity
  3. Add you adhesive tightly close in an upright position
  4. Close pouch
  5. Keep pouch upright in a cool room. 
Key info
  • Pouch sold individually, reusable.
  • Pouch size: 15cm x 9.5cm
  • Can easily fit up to two adhesives  

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