Lint Free Mini Eye Pads

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Lint Free Mini Eye Pads are our new favourite. They are used during lash extension treatment to cover lower lashes. These eye pads are easy to peel off and to apply due to their very soft material and size. They mould to the client's eye shape and stay on during the full eyelash application treatment. Lint Free Mini Eye Pads are also very comfortable to wear and highly hydrating. No more red and dry eyes!

These superior quality mini eye pads are used by the best Lash Artists in the industry including Loreta.

    Key Info
    • Pack of 5 sheets, each sheets containing 2 pairs of eye pads.
    • Lint Free
    • Various added ingredients give a soothing effect, improve elasticity of the skin and give moisture enhancement to the area under the eyes.
    How to Use

    Mini eye pads must be applied slightly lower from water line. 


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