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As you will no doubt tell your brow lamination clients - the styling doesn’t last beyond a few days. After that, they’ll need to maintain the shape themselves. Enter Flawless Brow Sculpt! Brow gel, but not as you know it.

Brow Sculpt is the perfect add-on sale for your clients’ daily grooming until they come and see you next. If they’ve had experiences with brow gels that make hairs go hard and crispy, you can reassure them that Brow Sculpt from Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a superior product, providing brilliant hold and beautiful brow sculpture, without the unpleasant finish.

Containing aloe vera and castor oil, our formula isn’t harsh on brows like other brow soaps, allowing you to achieve superior hold, while maintaining supremely soft brow hairs. Castor oil also gives the added benefit of encouraging brow hair to grow.

Quick to apply, and easy to remove with water* at the end of the day, clients can now create the appearance of fuller brow shapes with our brow gel, for everyday brow styling use.

Brow Sculpt is suitable for natural untreated brows, as well as in-between treatment maintenance for laminated brows.

Wanting to complete the look? Get beautiful brows in two easy steps:

  1. Fill with Duo Brow
  2. Shape and define with Brow Sculpt

For use on laminated brows

We recommend using Brow Sculpt every day to keep hair in shape and add extra drama to the look.

*Brow Sculpt brow gel is easy to remove with water, but remember that you must avoid water for a minimum of 24 hours after brow lamination treatment.

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