Hand Lash Palette


Hand Lash Palette is your new ally to save your time and your sight. This palette is light and comfortable to wear during the full treatment. Being able to bring it closer to your eyes helps you see clearly and makes creating fans easier even after hours of lashing.

Unlike similar palette using Velcro, our Hand Lash Palette is fully sanitisable and does not spin on your hand meaning a better control of your fans. 

Hand Lash Palette has predefined lines for different length allowing you to prepare your lashes trips in advance and keep them organised during treatments.

Key info
  • size of palette (without handle): 6.5cm x 7.5cm
  • made of acrylic
  • can be sanitised with alcohol or UV sanitiser
About us

Based on her years of experience as a Master Lash Artist as well as being a leading trainer, a renowned judge and lecturer, Loreta collates and creates a full range of high quality tools and accessories to support eyelash technicians in their career.  

Her emphasis is on creating products that will enable her followers to create ‘flawless masterpieces’ and provide the best care to maintain the healthy lashes of their clients. 

The wide range of Flawless Lashes products are of the highest quality to meet Loreta’s precise standards. 

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