M Lashes Single Length


O…M…G... M curl eyelashes are here!!

Our long-awaited, trendy M curl single length eyelashes have arrived! And so you can try them out first, we have created these mini trays with 6 lines, so you can experiment with them for a cheaper price first (though we're sure you'll love them!).

But why are M curl lashes so popular, and why are our Flawless Lashes By Loreta M Eyelashes the best choice out there? 

Our M curl eyelashes are super easy to fan, and come in a rich matt black colour, giving your clients a natural but lux appearance. M curl eyelash extensions have a unique curl that lends a versatility to the style, meaning it suits every eye shape. We are certain that this trend is here to stay.

What are the benefits of M curl Eyelash extensions?

  • M curl eyelashes  are a stronger curl than our L+ lashes, with a shorter and curvier base
  • Because of its dramatic, but not over curled bend, M curl Lashes give a beautiful lift
  • M curl eyelashes are better than D curl lashes for deep-set and hooded eyes
  • M curl lash extensions are very versatile, and are ideal for Cat or Kitten designs
  • You also can use slightly longer lengths, such as 8mm or 9mm in the outer or inner corners, as due to the lifting effect of the special bend, they won’t look droopy in the corners of the eye

M curl eyelash extensions (mini trays) are available in 0.07 weight / thickness, and each tray contains 6 lines vs. full sized trays which contain 16 lines of lashes.

Tried and love our M Curl mini trays? Now you can upgrade to the full sized trays or our M curl mixed length trays.

For more information about how our trainer Nga, uses M Curl eyelashes, check out our blog post. She loves them!

What are faux silk and mink lashes really made of?

Both faux mink and silk are made from the same synthetic material. The material in question is known as Polybutylene Terephthalate or the shorthand form of PBT. This is a polyester-based material that is used in a wide range of different products from swim and sportswear to toothbrushes and, as we’ve already established, eyelash extensions.

So, don’t be fooled by the differing names, as it has nothing to do with what they are made from. It is their weight, shape and finish.

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