M Lashes Single Length


O…M…G..., M Lashes are here!!

Your long waited, most trendy lashes arrived. Why are so popular and why our Flawless Lashes By Loreta M Lashes are best to go for? 

Our M curl lashes super easy to fan, rich matt black color. 

What you should know about M lashes?

They are stronger curl than our L+ lashes, with shorter and curvier base. M Lashes gives a beautiful lift. M lashes are better than D curl lashes for deep-set eyes, perfect for Cat or Kitten design. You also can use slightly longer lengths, such as 8mm or 9mm in outer or inner corners without making them drop. 

At the moment we offer only small size trays of 6 lines of individual length, just to give you a better price to try them out.

Key info
  • Available in 0.07 weight/thickness
  • The tray contains 6 lines

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