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Protective Eye Gear For Lash Tinting

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Tired of getting eyelash products on your client’s under eye skin when you are washing lashes or applying lash tint?

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is bringing you even more protection for your clients’ eye health, with the Flawless Lashes Protective Eye Gear.  Colour- transparent! 

What's the benefits of Protective Eye Gear?

This gear will provide under eye skin protection for your clientele when washing lashes with foam cleanser or when there is excess of lash pre treatment, primer, lash tint applied. The Flawless lashes Protective Eye Gear is perfect for clientele with skin on the more sensitive side and will lower the chance of irritation or redness.

It is a simple solution that can be added to any lash artist’s kit without taking up too much space, while providing the vital protection needed. The gear is easy to sterilise as you would with your lash palettes and will halt the waste of using many eye pads!


How can I use it?

All you need to do is hold the Protective Eye Gear underneath the eye that you are currently working on and apply your chosen product as you normally would, letting the shield catch any excess foam cleanser or lash tint that usually would fall on the skin.


What's more?

Did you know the flawless lashes Protective Eye Gear can be used not just for professional tinting or applying eyelash extensions? The plastic gear is great for the precise application of make up too. When held in the under eye area the guard can shield your Flawless base from eye shadow fallout or when applying mascara.


76mm x 40mm x 5mm 



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