Rechargeable Nano Mister


Nano Mister is a fashionable and elegant portable care product. Its finely sprayed mist has a skin moisturising effect which is created by using Ultrasonic Vibration Technology leaving your client’s skin radiate and invigorated. The Nano Mister breaks down water into nano size mist smaller than 0.3 micron molecules (other misters on the market  are usually between 0.3 and 0.5 micron).

By using a Nano Mister at the end of your treatment, you not only refresh and gently wake your client up, you also consolidate your set by curing the adhesive. Nano Mister also has beneficial effect on clients having red or teary eyes as it’s relieving the burning sensation.

How to use

Read carefully and follow the instructions step by step:

  1. Open the back cover of water container and silicone lid.
  2. Fill the water tank with distilled water only, using the refill bottle.
  3. Seal the water container with the silicone lid and close the back cover, gently shake the device several times.
  4. Slide down the front cover. The blue LED indicator light shows that device has started. Mist starts to eject.
  5. Hold 20 - 30 cm away from client's face and go around the face in U shape to apply mist evenly on the face and open or closed eyes.
  6. Nano Mister will switch off automatically after 30 seconds.
  7. If the Nano Mister has a red LED indicator or no light, it needs charging.
  8. Please read the Maintenance section in order to keep your Nano Mister working longer.
    • Do not leave water in the mister overnight.
    • Empty reserve and let the tank air dry.
    • Fill each day with fresh distilled water.
    • Remember to recharge the battery from time to time.
    • The water tank should be cleaned with a soap routinely.

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