Firelilee Woodwick Bowl Candles: Foodie

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They smell delicious and look good enough to eat - but please don’t! This incredible, edible-inspired collection of woodwick bowl candles will leave your beauty salon smelling divine, relaxing both you and your clients.

Choose spicy scents that are perfect for autumn and winter such as Pumpkin Spice, Mulled Wine or Tangerine, Cinnamon & Cardamom. Or indulge your love of sweet treats with scrumptious chocolate orange Jaffa or creamy French Vanilla Latte. Delectable!

Key info:

Wax type:

100% soy wax

Wax content:

Approx. 450g wax per bowl candle

Scent load:

Each fragrance has a maximum load ratio, between 6 and 10%


Firelilee gift box made from 100% recycled cardboard

Product dimensions:

15cm diameter, 6.5cm high

Burn time:

Can last up to 5 weeks based on 15 mins burning very day, N.B. burn time varies according to conditions.

Usage & Tips

  • Please remove any decorations from the surface before lighting – both for safety and measured burning. They will remove easily with a butter knife – any marks left on the surface will melt away in the first burn.
  • Woodwicks must be lit properly on first lighting – wait until the entire width of the wick has caught alight before you step away. We recommend a lighter rather than a match, and a little bit of patience.
  • On first lighting, leave the candle lit until the melted wax reaches the very edges. This will make sure you get an even burn every time.
  • The woodwick holders (metal feet) are designed to stop the candle burning to the bottom of the vessel for safety reasons. Monitor the candle closely towards the end and extinguish it as soon as you can see the tops of the metal holders.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat – soy wax has a lower melting point

A stylish & sustainable choice

The striking silver metal and copper bowls create a zen-like ambiance for your salon while the fragrances will help your customers to relax and feel pampered while you perform your beauty treatments. Woodwick candles are a more sustainable option than cotton wicks. They burn slowly with a soothing gentle crackle and have an appealing organic look that further enhances those spa-like vibes.

Introducing Firelilee

Exclusive to Flawless in the UK, Firelilee boutique candles are hand-poured in Australia using eco-friendly soy wax, and intensely scented throughout with high quality fragrances.

Tried, tested (and adored!) by the Flawless team, we can attest that Firelilee luxury candles are fabulously scented and long-lasting. We’ve found that burning them for just 15-30 minutes each day is enough to keep your space flooded with wonderful scent. They can even fragrance your salon while unlit if you feel they are too beautiful to burn and want to use them purely as stylish décor for your salon.

Safety notes

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Do not burn for more than 4 hours continuously (1-4 hours is recommended per burning session)
  • Keep away from children, pets and strong winds
  • Place it on a stable base and not in a high traffic area where it can be easily knocked over
  • Do not place directly non a non-heat/fire resistant surface - this includes (but is not limited to) surfaces such as laminate or wood
  • Never put a candle out with water or burn a wet candle

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