10 Ways To Do Superstar Eyebrow Makeup (Beginner’s Guide)

Although many women make it look like the easiest thing in the world, it is actually tricky to pull off those perfect eyebrows. The theory isn’t especially difficult, it’s actually putting that theory into practice that takes a lot of experience and skill to get it just right. 

Are you interested in upping your eyebrow game? Or perhaps you’ve only just started with eyebrow makeup. 

If you are a rank beginner when it comes to eyebrow makeup, you may be finding it a struggle to make yours look anything like experts you see on the catwalks, in the magazines and on those irritatingly amazing YouTube videos. That’s why we put together our ‘how to do eyebrow makeup for beginners’ guide.

Why are your brows so important? They help to frame the rest of your face and give it some structure. 

  • Don’t Let Your Brow Tail Get Too Wild

  • If you allow your brow tail to overextend it can give a very unflattering droopy look, that brings the rest of the face down. Your eyebrows have a point where they stop naturally and help to lift your face upwards and outwards. The idea when using eyebrow makeup, therefore, is to try and maintain that effect. 

    You can find out where your brow tail should stop naturally by holding a brow pencil at a diagonal position to your nostril with it lining up to the side of one of your eyes. The spot where the pencil lands on the bone of your eyebrow is where the tail should finish, or in other words extend out to. If you always make sure it doesn’t go any further than that point, your eyebrows will always look natural.

  • More Realistic Hairs Are Created With Flicking Motions

  • It doesn’t matter if you are using a brow wax, powder or pencil or even a Duo brow pen, you need to avoid the temptation to just fill in those brows with a clunky and unimaginative single stroke. If you want your eyebrows to look realistic, you need to follow the pattern of the existing hairs and fill in your brows with colour by using small and light flicking motions. Always follow the direction the real hair is growing, or you will have very odd and unappealing eyebrows.

  • Buff Those Harsh Lines Out 

  • If you were simply to draw the brows on and leave them without any form of diffusing, they will look unnatural and drawn on. Which is not what you want, is it? After you have used those tiny little strokes following the direction of the hairs as outlined above, you need to use what is known as a spoolie to soften and buff out any hard lines there may be.

  • Design and Make an Eyebrow Arch That’s Believable and Realistic

  • If your eyebrow arch is too pointed it will make you look angry or in a constant daze of surprise, whether you are feeling mad or confused or not. What do you do then, if you were not given an attractive high eyebrow arch at birth, but want to make one that is subtle and attractive? You need to take a brow pencil and place it against your nose and then line it at a diagonal to the centre of the eye. That is the map for any natural eyebrow arch.

    You then need to work with a spoolie brush to brush the hairs downward and the using a product you love, very slightly adjust the shape of your brow given it a very subtle peak at the natural point of the arch. Then use the spoolie again to brush the hairs back upwards.

  • Fill In Those Areas of Overplucking

  • We’ve all done it at one point, been a little over-zealous when plucking. You can easily deal with any patchy spots by using either a pencil or an angled brush and a brow powder. Finish off by using some mascara.

  • Give Those Eyebrows Some Definition and Shape

  • If you want your lifeless brows to have a livelier look you need to give them a bit of shape and definition. This can be done by following the shape of them, which is easy to find by looking for the parts of them where the most hair is. Once you know, you can then use tweezers to remove any stray hairs to have stunning brow arches.

  • Use an Appropriate Brow Colour to Accentuate Your Brow Arches

  • If you want to avoid your eyebrows looking like they have been ‘done’, you need to be careful when using colour. The best way to find the colours that work with, rather than against, your brows is by using two different tones. As an example, if you are naturally red headed, you could use an auburn pencil after a taupe one to give your brows an attractive tone and natural look.

  • Use Concealer Instead of Highlighter

  • Although it may seem like the right thing to do, when you use a highlighter below and above your brows it can draw attention to your arches too much. That’s why we would recommend you use a concealer, perhaps one that’s at least one shade a little lighter than the skin around the area, to help give the whole area a vibrancy. 

  • Always Layer Your Products

  • Eyebrows are multidimensional by their very nature, so when you only use one product on them, it can often make them look very fake. It is much better to mix and match and layer your brows, using gels and brow pencils together and pomade and powder together. Whatever you do, get the order right. Pencil, then pomade, followed by powder and finish with gel. 

    While you don’t need to use all those products at the same time, you should always stick to that order.

  • Highlight Those Strong Brow Bones

  • To achieve a really polished look, once you have filled the colour in and set it with gel, you can then take a highlighter (carefully so as not to overdo it) and tidy up the edges to really make them stand out.

    It can seem intimidating when you first start working on your eyebrow makeup. However, by following the tips and suggestions above, you should be able to start at the basics and develop your own unique style 

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