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10 products

What are eye pads for lash extensions?

Eye pads, also referred to as eye patches, are small, adhesive coverings that are designed to be placed over the eye area. Eye pads are an essential accessory for lash extensions treatments. Eye pads keep lower lashes from becoming tangled with upper lashes and protect the skin from lash adhesive fumes, among other things. Eye patches are also used during lash lift treatments and can be used to protect the skin around the eyes while cleansing the lashes because they protect the lower lashes from the glue used to attach the extensions.

This reduces the client's discomfort and ensures that the extensions adhere properly. A comprehensive collection of lash extension tools is required if you want to provide high-quality lash extension services.

Flawless Lashes provides a selection of high-quality eyelash extension accessories and equipment to go along with your Flawless products. We understand how important it is to be organised and to have the proper equipment to ensure a smooth and efficient lashing process for you and your clients.

How To Use Eye Pads

To ensure that the lash application goes smoothly, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of how eye patches should be used. Use the bestselling Flawless Lashes Hydrogel Eye Pads, the new innovation of hydrating eye pads, and our Microfoam Eye Patches for optimal lash application.

Here are the steps for using eye pads during a lash extension service:

  1. Clean the area around the eye.
  2. Make sure you use the best eye patches to cover even the shortest lower lashes.
  3. Place the eye pads securely (we recommend using the best ones), covering the lower lashes completely.
  4. Make sure the pads are in the right place before continuing with the lash application.
  5. The outer corners of the eye pads must sometimes be placed in the inner corners.
  6. Choose the appropriate type of eye patches for clients who may be sensitive to gel.
  7. Once the lash extension process is complete, carefully remove the eye pads.

What is the purpose of eye pads for eyelash extensions?

Eye pads are an indispensable accessory for performing an eyelash extension treatment successfully. During the application process, the client's lower lashes are protected by these pads, which were specially designed to prevent the client's lower lashes from being glued to the client's upper lashes, which can result in discomfort and damage.

In addition to this, they create a physical barrier between the adhesive and the sensitive skin around the eyes, which stops irritation and redness from occurring. Eye pads are typically constructed out of a pliable, non-woven fabric that is able to comfortably contour itself to the various contours of the eye region. When using the appropriate eye pads, a lash technician can ensure that their customers have a pleasant experience that is also risk-free and comfortable, all while helping them achieve beautiful lash extensions.

What does eyelash tape do?

Eyelash tape is an adhesive strip used to keep natural lashes and extensions in place during application. Tapes are used by some lash technicians instead of eye pads, but this can cause discomfort for the client, and by removing tapes after treatment, tape can remove some layers of skin cells due to its stickiness. Tape can be useful if cut in narrow strips to pull the upper eyelid so the lash artist can see the lash layers better. Also, tape can be used to cover some lower lashes if they get out from under the eye pads.

Before applying eyelash extensions, it is typically applied along the upper lash line, where it helps to lift the eyelid. Eyelash tape is another tool that can be used to assist in moulding the lash extensions and, if necessary, adjusting their position.

Applying Eyelash Tape

An alternative to micropore tape called Under Eye Tape is more gentle than other types of tape on the skin during use and removal. It is breathable and easy to tear without scissors, and it can be used to secure eye pads or lift eyelids. This tape is recommended for clients who are sensitive to eye pads, which contain gel, and it minimises discomfort when removed.

We also recommend using 3M Transpore Tape for upper eyelid stretching. Use 3M Micropore Tape only for stretching eyelid. Both of are hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and provide secure adhesion. How to use 3M EyeLash Tape:

  1. Take a strip off the sheet by making a pick with your tweezers.
  2. First, put the product on your eyelid and press down on it so that it sticks as close as possible to your lash line.
  3. Then, stretch out the tape so it sticks to the end of the strip you just cut.
  4. Don't push the client any further than you have to, and be extra careful not to get any tears in their eyes.