Lash & Brow Lift

The new Flawless Lash Lift product range is available for professional eyelash technicians wanting to give their clients a natural, semi-permanent eyelash lift and curl. Ensure that your clients are given the all-natural volume, length and curl that will make them stand-out in the crowd

The Lash Lift Product Range

Flawless Lash Lift Glue: The water-soluble adhesive required to glue the lashes to the silicone lash lift rod and the rod to the eyelid before starting.


Flawless Lash Lift Lotion 1: The initial lotion is applied to 1-2mm from the roots and covers about 2/3 of the natural lash length to soften the lash, after the lashes have been combed onto the lash lift rod to take their shape.


Flawless Lash Lift Lotion 2: The second lotion is then added the same way as lotion 1 to help shape the lashes.


Flawless Lash Lift Lotion 3: The third lotion is then applied on the eyelashes using the mini micro brush or 2in1 brush either whilst the lashes are on the rod or after the rods have been removed.


Flawless Lash Lift Tool: The ideal tool needed to ensure seamless lash lifting and separating.

Flawless Lash Lift Rods:
The silicone rods that fit comfortably on the eyelid and work with the lash lift glue to help comb the lashes into shape. Packs come in 4 different sizes.