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Loreta Jasiulionyte - Master Trainer



Loreta Jasilionyte, founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, is one of the lash industry's key experts and recognised trainers worldwide. With over 35 trainers, 17 distributors and thousands of women wearing her lashes across the globe, Loreta has built a successful leading lash empire in just four years. For Loreta, the eyes are the most important part of the face and thanks to her meticulous eye and close attention to detail, her impeccable products and highly coveted courses are always a guaranteed sell out. Since founding Flawless Lashes, Loreta has become a pioneer in new techniques and has travelled the world as a respected international trainer and judge for numerous prestigious competitions. With an eye for spotting talent, Loreta founded her academy and has educated some of the leading trainers in well-respected lash corporations, and her techniques and education are unparalleled. Loreta’s speciality is Russian Volume Lashes. Which offer multiple extensions of a minute diameter, applied to one natural lash, resulting in a natural yet dramatic look that will give a healthier, denser look than you could ever achieve with individual lash extensions. When it comes to Russian Volume, nobody does it better than Loreta! Following the success of Loreta’s academy, she wanted to create a line of cosmetic products that were accessible and could be used effortlessly to enhance the eye area by everyone. Strip lashes, vibrant and precise eyeliners, and the tools to bold & brilliant brows are the fundamentals of Loreta’s debut cosmetics range. This venture into the world of cosmetics comes as a natural progression for Loreta, following the roaring success of her individual lash extensions and tools. Loreta’s accolades include winning the NALA Professional Integrity award, the Best Lash Supplier several years running, being published in first and third Lash Masters Book, winning the award for Best Academy UK and the award for Best Customer service, judging over 100 competitions, applying the lashes for the X Factor house and speaking in over 100 conferences to date. Trained herself over 2000 students. From humble beginnings as a qualified midwife in Lithuania, Loreta transitioned her medical background and talents to the beauty world and has rapidly become a figurehead within the lash industry. Loreta’s tenacity is a key factor to her success and she strives to continue to grow her empire whilst educating future lash technicians across the globe.

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Julija Baltulioniene



Julija Baltulioniene is worldwide recognised Lash Artist, to whom eyelash extensions has gone beyond being a hobby, career, or passion. It has become her lifestyle. A winner of multiple awards, she has established herself as one of the most experienced, skillful and inimitable talents in the Lash industry. She carries a degree in Molecular Biology and loves to have a scientific approach to whatever she does.

Although her career in the Lash Industry happened by serendipity, Julija is already spearheading with her unrivalled expertise, applying unconventional lash techniques with precision. She specialises in Russian Volume techniques and has been recognised as one of the best Artists across the UK.

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Ruta has 11 years’ experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and a beauty therapist. She is also qualified as a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist by the Belinda Hayle academy. Permanent cosmetic enhancement has become her true passion. It’s all about creative skills and precision. The perfectionist and artist in her, loves making her customers look good and feel good. She has been trained by the best in the profession and is also a working lead technician at the Belinda Hayle Academy in Surrey. Ruta discovered Lash World in 2011. The first steps was with the Lash academy 'Amazing Lashes' which brought a lot of success in to the business. In 2014 Ruta joined the Flawless lash family and fell in love with Loreta's techniques and products. Ruta wants to spread her knowledge with you as a Flawless Lashes approved trainer and she teaches classic and volume lash courses. You can be the best in your area or even in the industry, at eyelash extensions, if you have the right skills, training, and tools to do so. Ruta says that she is a perfectionist and that is one of the reasons why her customers always coming back to her

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AMY MOORE (Cheshire, UK)


Amy has been in the lash industry for just under 4 years, after she decided to completely change her career, having been an air hostess for 13 years.  She was initially attracted to lashes as a part time job, but her work quickly gained momentum and as did her passion for everything lash-related.  Amy started her new career working from home, while continuing as an air hostess. This quickly developed into renting a room in a local salon, which then snowballed into Amy leaving her flying career, committing full time to the lash world and employing another lash artist to mentor.  She eventually opened her own salon in 2019 which is now a successful beauticians. Amy met Loreta when she attended one of her advanced lash courses. This just fuelled the fire for Amy’s desire to become a trainer for the best brand in the lash industry. Amy always continues to attend courses and strives to improve her lash knowledge and skills so she can be the best lash artist and trainer that she can be.

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Shumi Koneru (Luton, UK)


Shumi has been in the lash industry for over 4 years. She has continuously learned to further develop her skills and knowledge from day one.In 2022, she received the title of ‘Lashes Specialist’ of the year. Her ethosis is perfectly finishing her clients' lashes. Her work has always been clean, neat and healthy.

Shumi is on a mission to continuously raise the standards in this ever-evolving industry. Therefore, today she is honored to be Loreta's official trainer in the UK - Luton Parkway. She absolutely loves using Flawless products and she cannot wait to share all her product knowledge to her future students. Overall, She wants to pass on a little bit of her love, passion, dedication, and teach the art of eyelash extensions in the best way possible. Welcome to her obsession!

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Kershia Chan (Wirral, UK)


Kershia has been in the lash industry for nearly 6 years, after taking her first course in lash extensions in 2014 there was an instant passion and a desire to be the best lash artist she could be. Kershia is constantly training and practicing her techniques as well as new techniques to keep her skills up to date and to make sure that she knows as much as she can. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with her clients so that they know what to expect from the treatment and gain some interesting facts. After finding Loreta’s products Kershia was astounded by the quality and ever since has supported the brand, leading to her becoming a brand ambassador. Upon meeting Loreta for the first time Kershia knew that this was the company she would be honoured to teach for one day, Loreta has given her all the knowledge and support she required, as well as pushing her closer to becoming the best she can be. Kershia is so excited to now pass on that knowledge and support, as well as tips and tricks she has gained over the years to her future students, so she can help them achieve their goals and become the best lash artist they can be. 

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Enya Bouchaal started her career in Marketing but soon realised that this path is not for her. She decided that she wanted something else in her life and step by step she started teaching herself volume lash extensions techniques. She started with Flawless Lashes brand without really knowing it and she immediately fell in love with the products. She worked hard to become better each day. The clients were flowing and soon Enya realised that she did not have enough time to satisfy everyone. One day she received an offer to train. And the passion to share the knowledge with others was born. She has now completely fulfilled her dreams by joining the FL family and Enya is sure that the best is yet to come.

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Tina Sklepic



Tina started her career in Lash Industry back in 2014. She was in love with beauty and make up from young age. Everything that was different attracted her even more. Lash extensions was a new thing back then in Slovenia and Tina decided to learn the art. Soon she opened her lash studio. She loved to work with precision and make her clients beautiful. After she graduated as a nurse she figured out that she wanted to stay in Lash Industry and had to work with the best - Flawless Lashes by Loreta. Now she is a proud distributor and exclusive trainer of Flawless Lashes by Loreta in Slovenia. Tina's goal is to teach new students healthy lash application with love and using best quality products.

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Matea joined the beauty world in 2006 as a nails technician but she was always looking for ways to develop herself and learn new things. After her first lash extension course Matea thought that she will never be able to be a professional lash artist but she chosen not to give up. Trainings with lash masters from Russia and moto ‘practice makes perfect’ worked well with Matea and her hard work paid off. Now she is a professional lash artist who has won many lash competitions and doesn’t think to stop! Matea discovered Flawless Lashes and she fell in love with it straight away. Matea joined Flawless lashes family and she is the official Trainer of Flawless Lashes by Loreta in Croatia.

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Nga Pham




Nga Pham was studying law when she got in touch with the lash world for the first time by taking her first eyelash extension course in Germany in 2016. Step by step she taught herself volume lash extensions techniques. But after some time she started pushing her limits so in February 2017 she decided to take part in the Advanced Volume Lashes training with Loreta in the UK. From then on, Nga noticed her passion growing while working as a lash artist. She took part in many trainings and conferences worldwide to improve her skills. Every day she aims to enhance her performance. Her moto is: "Never stop learning and growing. You can always improve your skills". Nga is an enthusiast and a perfectionist and she is ready to share her in-depth and sound knowledge with her students, allowing them to start a successful and promising career!

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Mai started to become curious about lash extensions while studying Industrial Engineering, taking her first eyelash extensions class in October 2016. Whilst studying, she kept practicing and found her passion in doing eyelash extensions. On the strength of this, she took more classes to become better and continue to improve. After finishing her studies, she decided to move forward with what she loved: doing lashes. In 2019, her dream became reality, and she opened her own lash salon. Mai became aware of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, during her lash journey, and was impressed with the perfect work and high quality. She took the opportunity to learn from the best and was taught by Flawless Lashes Trainer, Nga Pham. Mai loved it and became an official trainer of Flawless Lashes by Loreta. Now Mai wants to inspire and motivate others to also find their passion for eyelash extensions and to thrive and succeed.

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Sady joined the lash industry in 2014 and hasn´t stopped learning since. Sady has attended 11 international courses with the World’s top masters in the Lash market. 

A popular trainer, and founder of Sadysfaction in Munich, Germany, many students have visited Sady from different countries to learn and improve their lashing skills. Sady has a passion for lashes and loves to share her practical knowledge, as well as how to become a successful lash artist.

In 2019, Sady was invited to become an official Flawless Lashes Trainer in Germany and is very proud to be a part of the company. Her biggest goal and sense of achievement comes from seeing her students become the best they can be.

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Esra Yilmaz (Germany)


Esra has been in the beauty industry for 6 years. When she had her training for individual technique, she knew immediately that she wanted to turn her passion into a profession.

After half a year she attended the training for volume technique and since then she has been constantly improving her working methods and techniques. Esra built up her customer base in a short time and her goal was always to ensure the highest quality work for her customers. When she discovered the products from Flawless Lashes by Loreta in 2018, she was a fan of the products and is still proud to be part of the Flawless Lashes by Loreta family as a lash trainer and ambassador.

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Miki began her exciting journey in the art of Eyelash Extension in 2008 and since then has continuously learned and been eager to improve her skills. Despite launching her business in an area where Eyelash Extension was not so well-known at the time, she has managed to grow her client base and thrive. Her passion and enthusiasm for the technique has only increased over the years and she enjoys her job immensely. Miki had the opportunity to take the Elite Russian Volume Lash course with Loreta in 2017 and immediately fell in love with her products and was inspired by her philosophy. Today, she is honored to be Loreta’s official Trainer in Switzerland. Miki is eager to share her knowledge of professional techniques and teach others the detailed art of Eyelash Extension.

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Laetitia has been in the lash industry since 2013,completing various training courses in Switzerland, France and the UK. In 2016, she completed training  Loreta directly, noting "Loreta taught me a lot about values that are dear to me today such as safety, hygiene and lash health." Laetitia loves her job, especially driven by passing on the knowledge acquired over the last seven years of practice. What she particularly appreciates in training is to see her students evolve. "Keeping an eye on their respective paths and always being available is fundamental for me. They are my greatest pride."

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Erika has been passionate about lashes for a long time – it was her favorite beauty treatment in Japan. She moved to Saudi Arabia in 2013 and could not find a professional lash artist so she decided to start her own business. She loves her job and every client. Erika believes that people are leaving her salon not only happier but more confident too. Erika keeps on learning new things and techniques to make sure that she is in the right direction with lash industry and all her clients are happy. She is very honored to re-present Flawless Lashes by Loreta team in Saudi Arabia and share professional skills with others.

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Trully Wijaya



Trully started her business at a very young age of 20 years, with her love and passion for beauty she provided many treatments to clients where she gains an increase in demands, trully quickly established that she needed to take her business to a larger scale by employing a team of experts. from there her business grew beyond her expectation where she was approached by many students to teach.

Trully decided to focus more on teaching, she wanted to give her students the best education they can receive in lashes, so she felt that in order to be the best at what you do you need to learn and work with the best academies in the world.

she has prepared herself and went through several processes until finally in 2020 she became qualified to visit London for her trainer's exam with Flawless lashes by Loreta. trully is very proud and happy with her achievements because her students can get international standards of education and certification and also be part of the Flawless lashes family as they trainer based in Indonesia.

Trully found her happiness and joy in teaching and believes that sharing her lash experience with others can make her succeed. She also believes that no effort betrays the results, as long as we work hard for it.

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After her first eyelash experience in 2013, Fiona was deeply intrigued by the intricacies of how eyelash extensions work. Her curiosity quickly turned into a hobby while holding a full time career. In 2016,  she founded The Lash Company

in Singapore.

With a strong passion in people and her craft, Fiona attended several courses with lash masters around the world before meeting Loreta in 2018.

“Meeting and training with Loreta was life changing. Her techniques and values on the craft were exceptional. During the training, it was clear that I would like to represent Loreta as her trainer one day.”

Fiona is proud to be a part of the Flawless Lashes family. Her greatest goal is to provide the highest level of lash education, to establish excellent craft values and upholding the lash industry for a bright future.

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Sinnaid is one of the top leading lash artists in Mexico. She started her career in 2016 when her mom opened her own lash studio. While she was in college studying Psychology, Sinnaid started helping her mom and soon discovered she had the ability to be a great lash artist. She had her very first lash training, the advanced course, in 2017 with Loreta in the UK, which improved her career very much. She went by perfecting her techniques and made her family lash studio one of the best in town. Studying at Loreta’s academy had a huge impact on her. As the time went by more and more people wanted to learn from her, but all Sinnaid wanted was to give a luxury training as the one she had for the first time ever. Now, she is a proud Loreta’s trainer in classic, volume and advanced volume techniques, and she is willing to give away all she knows, so all the Lash techs who learn from her can be the best artists they can be.

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My name is Sanja and I'm a lash stylist and cosmetician from Slovenia. As I remember, I was always attracted to beauty industry, bit Foršt, my schooling was far away from that. During studying of theology, I came close to desired beauty world by chance. That's when I started working as a hair extensions stylist back in 2012. Soon this wasn't enough. I wanted to work not only with beautiful hair but make beautiful faces too. So I got interested in the world of lashes. In 2016 I started with lash lift, lash extensions and also make up. I made several different courses to perfect myself and practiced with different lash materials, looking for the Best one. When I got in touch with Flawless Lashes by Loreta, I knew that this is it-perfect material was found! I joined Flawless Lashes family this year.  Over time I also went to cosmetology school for the final touch.

In year 2017 I also opened my own beauty salon, called "Studio lepote SanDiva", where I offer lash and other cosmetician services. 

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Fragisky Roubani (Greece)


Fragisky has always been fascinated by the beauty world and had a passion for it.

Back in 2017 and while working for a famous American retail brand as a sales associate and brand expert ,she was looking for something new. So while doing her research on what to do she came across eyelash extensions.

She decided to take her first lash course but definitely didn't expect a career out of it.However it was the first of many that followed both in Greece and abroad and after a year and a half it became her only occupation.

In 2020 and after being a customer for a long time she took the Advanced Volume Course with Loreta Jasilionyte. It was the beginning of a beautiful cooperation that led to her becoming a brand ambassador and then trainer of Flawless Lashes by Loreta.

Most recently she opened her salon and academy in a coastal area in the suburbs of Athens offering both eyelash related services as well as permanent make up and of course training courses.

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