About us

At Flawless Lashes by Loreta, our goal is simple: to make the lash business better through diligence and passion.

Our commitment to superior quality reflects in every part of our brand, from our award-winning products to our exceptional customer service. We're proud to give lash artists around the world the tools they need to not only succeed but also thrive in their businesses.

Our Story

Flawless Lashes by Loreta has been a leader in the lash industry for more than 10 years and offers the best lashes and the best training.

The brand was founded by the innovative Master Lash Artist Loreta Jasilionyte. It has a global presence with an online store, wholesale distribution, and a renowned academy.

Since 2014, we've been pioneers in the industry, training CEOs of leading brands and academies worldwide. In 2015 and 2016, we organised the first educational conference in the UK/Canada/USA to raise standards.

We introduced several Russian Volume techniques when only one was available, and our approach to training covers technique, practice, and business setup. Our commitment to ongoing support led us to introduce free refresher courses for alumni in 2019.

Awards and accomplishments

  • 2015 and 2016: Lash Inc. Best Lash Supplier.
  • 2018: Official lash extension provider for X Factor final. NALA Professional Integrity Award.
  • 2019: Best Academy UK and Best Customer Service at British Hair and Beauty Awards. Entrepreneur of the Year at British Hair and Beauty Awards. English Hair & Beauty Academy of the Year.
  • 2022: 4th Place Best Business Branding at HBA. Shareholders of First Biggest Worldwide Lash Magazine and Accreditation Company- LashInc.
  • 2023: Finalist at Beautiful Awards. Helped improve Lash Artist Category Requirements at The UK Hair & Beauty Awards. Won 1st Place regionals as Academy, 2nd place at Nationals category at The UK Hair & Beauty Awards.
  • 2024: Acquisition International's Business Excellence Awards - Best Lash Beauty Products Supplier.

Our Values

At Flawless Lashes by Loreta, our journey is rooted in integrity, excellence, and innovation. Since 2014, we've been committed to delivering the highest quality lash products and education, setting industry standards globally. Our brand philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction and providing excellent support to lash artists worldwide.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta presentationWe believe in continuous improvement and pioneering new techniques and products to meet evolving industry demands. Our dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation.

With a focus on education, empowerment, and community, we strive to uplift lash artists of all levels, providing comprehensive training and ongoing support through our renowned academy. Our values drive us to empower professionals, foster creativity, and elevate standards in the lash industry worldwide.

Our Belief

Kookai and Loreta

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that "products without knowledge are nothing." We firmly believe that expertise and knowledge should be shared generously, serving as the cornerstone for safe, superior, and faster treatments. These principles not only enhance the reputation of our category but also lay the foundation for stunning lash and brow applications that stand the test of time.

At Flawless Lashes, we hold a steadfast belief in the power of expertise, innovation, and integrity. Our mission is to embody all that Loreta stands for as a revered figurehead in the industry and translate it into our brand's products and training programmes.

Unlike others, Flawless Lashes is more than just a provider of beauty products—it's the architect of industry progress and influence in the field of eye enhancements. We hold a strong commitment to superior skills, with every product and process carefully designed to reflect our ultimate goal of excellence.

When it comes to our brand personality, we strive to embody the essence of someone or something that understands the importance of doing things the right way. Flawless Lashes is more than just a brand—it's a guru on a mission to cultivate the next generation of skillful masters in the beauty industry.

Our Mission

At our core, we are the essence of mastery in eye artistry, dedicated to propelling lash and brow artistry to a whole new level. As nurturing mentors, we empower others to realise their full potential, always striving for excellence without compromising on quality or health.

We understand the emotional journey of our clients and students, providing reassurance as they learn from the best, guided by grand masters in the field. With our support, they gain confidence in their abilities and are inspired to strive for excellence, taking pride in mastering even the most challenging lash extensions.

Functionally, we offer advanced knowledge and unique techniques, resulting in faster treatments, more durable lash retention, and increased turnover for lash artists. Our globally accredited training programs are structured to focus on lashing skills, while our premium lash and brow products are meticulously designed to enhance and protect lash and brow enhancements.

Led and endorsed by Loreta, our offerings come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that our clients and students receive only the best. We've created a knowledge-based ecosystem that combines superior training, products, and tools, promoting the highest standards and best practices in the industry.

We see it as our responsibility to empower lash artists to elevate their craft to the next level because we believe that the world deserves more than just lashes. Join us on our mission to redefine beauty standards and inspire excellence in eye artistry.

Meet the Team

Get an inside look into the talented professionals who make up our amazing team, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to uphold our commitment to excellence in the lash industry.

Loreta Jasilionyte

Loreta Jasilionyte

Loreta is one of the lash industry’s key experts and recognised trainers worldwide, with a thriving retail network. She brought the First Lash Conference to the UK and travelled the world with her self-found Volume lash techniques, as she was refused to all Russian Volume Classes!

Since establishing the brand in 2014, Loreta, without aggressive marketing, has developed a successful Academy worldwide. With an eye for spotting talent and her unparalleled techniques and education, she has educated some of the leading trainers in well-respected lash corporations.

Julija Baltulioniene

Julija is one of the most talented, experienced, and unique Lash artists, winning multiple awards. She has a degree in molecular biology and approaches everything scientifically. She specialises in Russian Volume techniques and has been recognised as one of the best artists across the UK.

Ruta Prusaitiene

With over 11 years of experience in the beauty industry, Ruta is a makeup artist and beauty therapist who found her true passion in semi-permanent makeup. Trained by industry leaders, she excels as a lash artist and Flawless Lashes trainer, sharing her expertise in classic and volume lash courses.

Amy Moore

Transitioning from a successful career as an air hostess, Amy has dedicated nearly 4 years to the lash industry, rapidly becoming a sought-after lash artist and trainer. Her journey from part-time lash artist to salon owner reflects her commitment to excellence and continuous learning in the lash world.

Shumi Koneru

With over 4 years of experience, Shumi has earned acclaim as the 'Lashes Specialist' of the year in 2022 for her dedication to delivering flawless lash applications. As an official Flawless Lashes trainer, she is passionate about raising industry standards and sharing her expertise with aspiring lash artists.

Kershia Chan

With nearly 6 years of experience in the lash industry, Kershia's journey from lash enthusiast to brand ambassador reflects her dedication to mastering lash techniques and delivering exceptional results. As a Flawless Lashes trainer, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and supporting students in achieving their lash goals.

Enya Bouchaal

Enya's career transition from marketing to lash artistry showcases her determination to pursue her true passion. As the founder of 'Nyabou' and a Flawless Lashes trainer, she combines her love for lashes with a commitment to delivering top-quality products and education.

Tina Sklepic

Tina's journey from a nurse to a lash artist and distributor reflects her passion for beauty and dedication to excellence. As the founder of 'PUELLA, Beauty Studio' and an exclusive Flawless Lashes trainer in Slovenia, she strives to impart her knowledge and skills to aspiring lash artists.

Matea Liposcak

Matea's perseverance and dedication to mastering lash techniques have propelled her to success as a professional lash artist and Flawless Lashes trainer. With a passion for continuous learning and improvement, she is committed to sharing her expertise and helping her students excel in the lash industry.

Nga Pham

Nga's journey from studying law to becoming a passionate lash artist and trainer reflects her commitment to pursuing her true calling. With a dedication to continuous learning and growth, she shares her in-depth knowledge and skills with her students, empowering them to build successful careers in lash artistry.

Mai Phan

Mai's journey from studying industrial engineering to pursuing her passion for lash extensions showcases her dedication to following her dreams. As an official Flawless Lashes trainer, she is committed to inspiring others and sharing her expertise to help aspiring lash artists thrive in the industry.

Sady Albayrak

Sady's extensive training and experience in the lash industry have made her a sought-after trainer and founder of Sadysfaction in Munich, Germany. With a passion for sharing her practical knowledge and helping students reach their full potential, she is honoured to be a part of the Flawless Lashes team.

Esra Yilmaz

With 6 years of experience in the beauty industry, Esra's journey from training in individual lash techniques to becoming a Flawless Lashes trainer reflects her passion for excellence and dedication to delivering top-quality results. As an ambassador for Flawless Lashes, she is committed to sharing her expertise and helping students succeed in the lash industry.

Miki Tanabe Girardelli

Miki's journey in the art of eyelash extensions since 2008 reflects her passion for continuous learning and improvement. As an official Flawless Lashes trainer in Switzerland, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of professional techniques and empowering others to excel in the field of lash artistry.

Laetitia El Baqqaly

Laetitia's extensive training and experience in the lash industry since 2013 have made her a dedicated trainer and founder of Elle En Cils. Committed to passing on her knowledge and expertise, she takes pride in seeing her students evolve and succeed in their lash careers.

Erika Tomiyama

Erika's passion for lashes and commitment to excellence have made her a respected lash artist and trainer in Saudi Arabia. As a representative of Flawless Lashes by Loreta in Saudi Arabia, she is honoured to share her professional skills and contribute to the growth of the lash industry.

Trully Wijaya

Trully's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for beauty have driven her success as the founder and CEO of Outre Beauty and an international trainer of Flawless Lashes in Indonesia. Committed to providing the highest level of lash education, she aims to empower her students and uphold industry standards for a bright future.

Fiona Koh

Fiona's journey from curiosity to passion in lash extensions reflects her dedication to excellence and continuous learning. As the founder of The Lash Company in Singapore and a Flawless Lashes trainer, she is committed to providing the highest level of lash education and upholding industry standards.

Fragisky Roubani

Fragisky has always been fascinated by the beauty world and had a passion for it. As a salon and academy and a Flawless Lashes trainer in Greece, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and supporting students in achieving their lash goals.