Premade Volume Fans

9 products

9 products

Premade volume fans are in high demand with lash artists, with 3D premade fans even being suitable for beginners to get started on volume with, and 6-10D fans being mastered by more experienced lash artists. Volume looks are incredibly popular with customers, but making lash fans by hand is time consuming and requires great skill. So, it’s no surprise that premade fans have become one of the most popular lash products on the market today.

Premade fans mean you can complete a full set of Russian volume lashes in a much shorter time. This means you can fit more client appointments into your day. More appointments = more money! We have all the expert knowledge and the products you need for your lash toolkit, so you can be confident in adding gorgeous premades to your repertoire.

What are pre-made lash fans?

A premade fan is a fan made of multiple individual volume lash extensions, sold already heat-bonded at the base ready for use in volume lash treatments. They can be made by machine in a factory, or by hand.

The extensions are formed into volume fans either with glue or by heat. Using glue-bonded fans adds extra weight and thickness to each volume fan base. At Flawless Lashes by Loreta, our Premade Volume Fans are heat-bonded and therefore incredibly lightweight and hence safer for the natural lash.

Premades come sold in trays, making them incredibly convenient to use. Simply pick up a fan from the strip with your tweezers and apply to the isolated natural lash.

Why choose our premade volume lash fans for professionals?

Flawless Lashes premade volume eyelash fans are heat-bonded and incredibly light, meaning you may be able to use larger fans for the same weight. As always at Flawless, we put natural lash health first.

You’ll also notice that the base where the extensions are heat bonded together is a little longer, which helps to create a gorgeous, darker lash line and means that the premade fan can attach more effectively to the natural lash. It also makes the fans easier to apply (great for beginners in Russian Volume) and allows for excellent retention. For beginners, we recommend starting with 3D-4D premade volume lash fans, as the process is not too far removed from classic lashing.

At Flawless Lashes by Loreta, our premade lash fans are not churned out in a factory - they’re hand-made by skilled professionals, meaning they’re superb quality. Each tray contains 400-800 fans, with 3-10 lashes per fan and various lengths and curls. Whether you want single length or mixed length fans, we have a range of professional lash supplies to meet your needs.

Pre-made vs pro-made: what’s the difference?

The difference between premade and promade lash fans is that premade fans are made in bulk in advance and sold boxed up and ready to use.

Promade fans are made by the lash artist during the appointment, using individual lash extensions, volume tweezers, and a great deal of skill and dexterity! Lash artists can also make fans in advance of their client appointments for later use.

Read more about the differences between premade fans and handmade eyelash fans.


How many lashes should be in a fan?

Volume fans have 2-5 lashes per fan (2D to 5D fans) whereas mega volume lash fans have 6-10 lashes (6D to 10D lash fans). As a lash professional, you must choose the correct volume fan size to suit the strength of your client’s natural lashes - this would be either 3D or 6D+.

Are premade fans bad for your lashes?

No, premade volume fans are not bad for your lashes if applied correctly, are first-class quality, and are not too thick or heavy. Made with a safety-first mindset, our pre-made fans are fully tested to not exceed healthy weights for the natural lash. Because they are heat-bonded, not glue-bonded they are some of the biggest and lightest fans you’ll find. For example, a 4D fan made with 0.07 lashes would weigh 0.136mg. By comparison, because we make them from 0.05 thickness lashes, our 8D premade fans weigh the same with double the lashes!

How many pre-made fans come in each tray?

Our premade lash fan trays each contain 400 single-length fans in 4D-10D and 800 fans per tray with mixed lengths of 3D fans. Additionally, you can choose between 3D -10D (lashes per fan), curls C, CC and D, and 7mm – 15mm lash lengths.