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13 products

Professional eyelash extension glue

Lash adhesive plays a very important part in eyelash extension treatments. Our range of eyelash supplies includes some professionally made lash extension glues, with options to suit the level of ability of every lash artist. From our beginner-friendly JetSet Lash Adhesive to our quick-drying JetSet Pro Lash Adhesive, our premium product range has got you covered.

Flawless adhesive formulas are well-loved by our loyal customers who have confidently used our eyelash extension glue to give their clients great results for years.

  • No matter the humidity level, our Pulse Glue will help you achieve the best lash retention.
  • A great choice for a master lash artist working at a rapid pace.
  • Created with highly experienced lash extension professionals in mind - it’s our thinnest and most rapid drying glue, best suited to humidity levels of 60% and above.
  • We created an adhesive alternative for clients who react to or have sensitivities to black eyelash glues/adhesives.

What is eyelash extension adhesive?

Eyelash extension adhesive is the glue that enables you to adhere volume lash fans or premade volume lash fans.

Many types suit different humidity and working speeds. Depending on the colour of the extensions, clear and dark glues are available.

Using the right lash glue will enhance your results, retention, and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction. Adapt the adhesive to the humidity level in the room. Use a small amount of adhesive if the humidity is low. If higher, use more. To minimise or avoid eye sensitivity, allergic reactions, and chemical burns, the amount of adhesive used should be controlled. To ensure safety, we created the Luminous Clear glue adhesive for clients who may have allergies and irritations to black carbon. We created Instant Cure to help minimise lash sensitivity.

Choosing the best eyelash adhesive

There are a number of factors to consider when trying to decide which is the best lash extension glue to use.

  • Your speed as a lash artist. The lower the viscosity of the adhesive, the faster it will cure. The higher the viscosity of the adhesive, the slower it will cure.
  • Room temperature and humidity where you will be working. The lower the room humidity, the slower the glue will dry. The higher the room humidity, the faster it will dry.
  • Whether your client is fume-sensitive. If they are, use our innovative Pulse Glue which is better for lower sensitivity. Use at the end of the lash application process - watch our video here.
  • Irritation or Allergy. Lash adhesives are chemicals and contain cyanoacrylates. The percentage of cyanoacrylates is very important. If the cyanoacrylate percentage is high, it has a bigger potential to cause sensitivities or allergies.

How to use eyelash extension glue

Once you’ve chosen the best glue for you, follow these handy tips for how to use it and to ensure you get the best out of your bottle.

  1. Shake the bottle before use. Shake thoroughly for a full minute using a glue pin with the bottle turned upside down
  2. Let a glue drop fall onto your chosen surface. Use a Lash Glue Palette or another lint/fibre-free surface to place glue droplets onto. Never squeeze the bottle as this sucks air and moisture back inside the bottle, shortening the lifespan of the glue.
  3. Pick up your lash extension or volume lash fan. Use your preferred tweezers for the job
  4. Dip into the glue drop. Dip the base of lash extension 1-3mm into the glue, depending on the length of the extension. Take it out of the glue slowly to avoid picking up too much product.
  5. Apply to the natural lash. Isolate the natural lash using isolating tweezers, then quickly apply the extension before the glue starts drying. Simply let the lash extension attach - no need to wipe or swipe it over the natural lash.
  6. Replace glue drops often. We recommend changing your drop every 15 - 30 minutes or whenever it becomes tacky - the higher the humidity the more frequently you’ll have to change it.
  7. Store properly. This helps you get the most out of your lash glue making your profits go further. Read more about shelf life and how to store lash adhesive correctly.

Why you need the best eyelash glue

Using the best lash glue for you and your work environment will ensure you get the best results possible in terms of look and lash retention - meaning happy customers that will come back time and time again. The best lash adhesive for you is specific to your working environment, your client and your skills and speed as a lash artist. If you use the wrong glue, you risk poor retention and an unhappy customer.

Why to buy lash glue at Flawless Lashes?

If a client purchases adhesive but is unable to use it, we will always educate them about our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, variety of adhesives to suit everyone's skills, and the new Pulse which is suitable in any condition. All adhesives are stored in the warehouse for no more than two months and are frequently reordered, which is critical so that our clients can be assured that our adhesives are always fresh!


How to remove eyelash extensions?

Lash glue remover comes in various different forms, such as liquid, gel and cream. Cream eyelash extension glue remover is the safest option as it is the most convenient way to remove extensions without the risk of getting the product in the client's eyes. Read our step-by-step guide on eyelash extension removal.

Is eyelash extension removal safe?

Carried out by a professional, eyelash removal is extremely safe to do. Liquid removers can very easily run into the client’s eyes, and gel formulations have typically high fumes, so we always recommend a cream eyelash glue remover. Thanks to its special chemical formula, cream remover doesn’t damage natural lashes, and is suitable for all lash types, even for those with sensitive eyes.