Accessories - Flawless Lashes by Loreta


We provide a range of accessories that beautifully supplement a variety of your Flawless products.

It’s not uncommon to end up with a messy workstation, so why not go for something practical such as the tweezer stand or lash tray. Keep your tweezers and lashes in order ready for use.


Wanting to keep warm? Go for a cosy Flawless blanket to keep you wrapped up during the colder seasons. Why not add to the look with a beanie hat to keep your head nice and warm when out and about?


Micro Swabs are an essential item for any eyelash technician. Ideal for both cleaning the lashes as well as applying eyelash glue accelerator, primer.


Just like the Micro Swabs, the lash mirror is also an essential for eyelash application. The mirror allows you to check your work from multiple angles whilst your client still has their eyes closed.


You can never go wrong with a heated eyelash curler that will allow you lift down growing natural lashes. Finish off your clients look with a rechargeable nano mister, the sprayed mist has a skin moisturising effect leaving your clients face both radiate and invigorated.


Needing a gift? Our silver necklaces are the perfect present for the eyelash loving diva’s amongst you.