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28 products

28 products

We provide a range of eyelash extension accessories and equipment that beautifully compliment a variety of our Flawless products. We’ve thought of everything you might need to keep yourself organised and make your life easier as a lash technician. It's important to make sure the lashing experience is the best it can be for yourself as well as your clients.

Why choosing the right eyelash equipment is so important?

Your eyelash equipment is the key to creating beautiful lash sets and we all know that quality lashes need quality tools! If your lash tape isn’t strong enough to hold back heavy lids or your lash cleanser doesn’t clean lashes effectively, how can you expect to create Flawless lashes? Like with in any profession that provides services, investing in your lash extension supplies is vital if you want to be the best of the best.

What equipment do you need to apply eyelash extensions?

From our accessories collection we would recommend to complete eyelash extensions treatment with the following tools:

Foam Cleanser - our Flawless foam cleanser sanitises the eye area, prolongs the longevity of lash extensions and refreshes the eye area. It improves and balances PH to suit lash extensions (PH7) to diminish the risk of eye irritation, as well as have no artificial colourants and a non-drying formula.

Crystal Glue Plate - the crystal glue plate is ideal to keep your adhesive cold and prevent from premature drying during eyelash treatment. It is also means glue is not as exposed to the elements or spreading fumes as much as other products, such as lash glue rings. To keep your crystal plate clean, it is best to use with micropore tape. This will let you keep your drop in place and also will protect the surface of the crystal plate.

Eyelash Extension Plate - eyelash Extensions Plate is just the right weight so when you peel your extensions from the strip and your lash palette stays in place. You will find conveniently placed on the acrylic palette a space for your disposable glue palette as well as holes for any micro swap brushes needed during the treatment. It can be used 2 ways, by applying the lashes on the curved part or on the acrylic palette directly.

Breathable Under Eye Tape - an alternative to micropore tape, this affectionately coloured pink tape is breathable and gentler on the skin during use and removal. Our tape is easy to tear without the need for scissors, and can be used to secure eye pads, but also alone for lifting eyelids, if you have problems applying eye pads. Breathable under eye tape is ideal for clients with very sensitive skin, or if allergic to eye pads. Minimal discomfort when removing from skin.

What is the best eyelash extension kit to buy?

Our Lash and Brow Starter Kits provide everything you need to start your eyelash extension or lash lift journey. Build up your kit with one handy box, that will match your skill level or preferred treatment. Our Classic and Russian Volume Lash kits each offer a 10% saving, in comparison to buying your products separately and both boxes include tweezers, glues, lashes, cleanser & much more to get you started.

Alternatively, if you’re starting new with Lash Lift or Brow Lamination our specialist starter kits for those treatments will be better suited to your needs. Our lamination system is unique, as it can be used for both treatments, but we recommend you are trained in both before offering those services. Each luxury box contains all lotions, tints, and specific tools / brushes needed to create beautiful lash lifts or striking brows, while offering a 15% saving when compared with buying each product individually.

Professional eyelash extension accessories at Flawless Lashes by Loreta Luckily, we have a whole host of accessories for tech specialists here at Flawless Lashes. If you’re looking for something to hack your lash tech life, we’ve got everything you need, from something as small as 3M Eyelash Tape to big life saver like lash tweezer stand. If it’s a gift or fun accessory you’re after, we have more luxury offerings such as jewellery and phone cases.