6 Ways To Keep Lash Artists And Clients Safe Post Lockdown

As social distancing becomes the norm, we need to get creative and think of new ways we can communicate with clients to help maintain safe practices. Although this may be tricky at first, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure the safety of you and your clients. Health and hygiene regulations in the beauty industry have always been imperative and now more than ever we need to take extra care.

Equally, it is important for lash artists to not feel any level of anxiety when performing treatments and they should always feel comfortable doing so. Do what you feel is right and remember, your health always comes first! It is essential that everyone appreciates this, it will be a community effort. 

Give your clients one less thing to worry about when they pop in for their next treatment, and your team the confidence that they will return to safe, considered workspaces.

Client History Documentation and Digital Discussions

Look at your existing consent forms and adapt them to adhere to Covid-19 precautions – you must know your client’s history, including any recent travel, and demonstrate that you are aware of these measures in your paperwork. 

Send this to your clients ahead of their treatment and host consultations via zoom to cut down any unnecessary interaction time.  

Additionally, it is crucial that you continue to keep morale up in-between appointments as clients may be waiting slightly longer to see you than usual. 

We recommend maintaining a useful, yet fun, social media presence – this is where your clients come to find out information after all; so if you can host a Q&A session via Instagram or Facebook Live, then go for it!

Face Masks: Comfort and Consideration

There are many theories about the effectiveness of face masks and whether or not you need to wear them, and whilst those on the frontline should always be given priority, we suggest that you do wear a face mask whilst performing any form of beauty treatment to help maintain a high level of professionalism and safety towards your clients. 

Not only may they help limit the spread of infection, wearing one shows you care and have considered your clients’ feelings too. 

Your client may arrive with their own face mask on, however as best practise we advise you to offer a brand new, sealed face mask to every client upon arrival as part of your service going forward.  

Advise clients ahead of their treatment that you will be providing them with a face mask to help manage any expectations or concerns they may have.

Gloves on Guard

Doctor or lash artist? The uniform lines are becoming blurred and whilst your new uniform may not be the most beautified, covered hands will give your clients comfort and reassurance that you are doing the utmost to keep you both safe. 

Wear new disposable gloves every-single-time you perform a new treatment and pop them on in front of your client, after washing your hands to reassure them you have taken all necessary precautions. 

By doing this in front of your client it will help them feel relaxed prior to their treatment (they’ve come in for a bit of self-care after all). Never wash disposable gloves – if in doubt, get a new pair out! 

Couch Cover Up 

It goes without saying that bed linen should always be renewed between clients pre or post lockdown! Whether or not you use washable covers or disposable bed sheets, these must be changed in-between clients every single time to prevent any lingering germs. 

Use high-grade disinfectant such as Barbicide and thoroughly sanitize all workstations after each client – everything from the couch and door handles to the floor must be sanitized.  If you use couch covers, consider taking them off completely (this will save you on washing) and simply use a disposable bed sheet instead. You can easily disinfect the bed itself after each client rather than washing multiple bed covers.

Ventilation Nasties

What lingers in the air, stays in the air! Keep your salon or home well ventilated at all times - that includes turning the air conditioning unit off and opening the windows. 

If you have a hand-dryer in your salon please switch it off and use disposable paper towels instead. Hot hand dryers and air conditioning units can actually spread the amount of bacteria in the air keeping it lingering for longer – gross! 

Additionally, items such as air purifiers, steamers and nano misters can also circulate bacteria so please refrain from using these in your environment – if in doubt, just open the window!

Sanitation Station  

Last but absolutely not least, (let’s be honest) no one wants to catch Coronavirus (COVID-19) and if clients are showing any symptoms whatsoever it’s common sense that they should stay at home. 

However, we must do everything in our power to protect ourselves and know how to prevent the spread of infection in a salon, so here are our top 10 tips to help you maintain a spotless sanitation station.  

  1. Perform regular cleaning of high-traffic areas 
  2. Ensure clients wash hands upon arrival & provide hand sanitizer throughout treatment sessions
  3. Use paper towels in the bathroom instead of fluffy towels or hot dryers 
  4. Replace equipment regularly and disinfect them thoroughly with Barbicde in between every client  
  5. Use disposable equipment including cups for refreshments
  6. Provide salon signage to help maintain safe social distancing 
  7. Pay by card, opposed to cash 
  8. Host digital consultations to save time and maintain social distancing
  9. Offer a digital booking system to help your customers pre book appointments and manage no shows 
  10. No waiting room & only allow one client in at a time 

Whilst we have given you our most up to date advice, guidelines are forever changing thus, we recommend you to continue to check the Government’s website for the most up to date news on the health and safety regulations around Coronavirus. 

 In the meantime, there are a variety of online health & safety courses you could take to demonstrate to clients you are taking things seriously. 

A couple we have spotted include Guild’s Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control policy and the Covid-19 certificate by Barbicide. However, there are a variety of courses available, so please do your research and work out which one is right for you.

 Stay safe Lashista’s! 

 If you have any questions feel free to pop your questions in the comments box below. 

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