Best Cleanser for Eyelash Extensions in 2024

Over time, we've noticed that many of our valued clients ask us the same question: how to properly care for their eyelashes after getting them extended. A lot of people ask about the best products for taking care of eyelashes after getting extensions.

Our constant goal is not only to provide flawless extensions but also to walk you through an easy aftercare routine that makes your new eyelashes look even better and last longer.

In response to these common questions and with the goal of making your lash experience better, we'd like to introduce one of the best cleansers for eyelash extensions, that receives positive reviews from our clients - Flawless Lashes Eyelash Foam Cleanser.

What is the best cleanser to use after lash extensions?

Why is our product the best? It's approved by EU and GB cosmetics regulations, ensuring compliance with global standards.

This cleanser is made to clean your natural eyelashes and the sensitive area around your eyes, which will help keep your lash extensions in good shape. It has aloe ferox leaf, tea tree leaf, and sweet orange leaf extracts that make it mild and refreshing to clean. It comes in a handy 50-ml dispenser that makes it easy to use on the go and makes lash aftercare effortless.

Quick Facts:

  • We extend the expiration date to 36 months.
  • Balanced at pH 7, it perfectly suits lash extensions.
  • It contains ingredients that prevent blepharitis.
  • This product is not tested on animals, aligning with ethical practices.
  • Free from artificial colourants, ensuring a pure and natural cleansing experience.
  • The non-drying formula prevents excessive dryness, maintaining lash health.

This product does a good job of meeting the aftercare needs of lash extensions, but it also has some important information that you might want to look into.


  • Extending the lifespan of lash extensions.
  • A gentle formulation with natural extracts.
  • Travel-friendly size like our cleanser sachets.
  • A balanced pH.


  • Limited size availability.
  • Some individuals may prefer larger packaging.

What Is An Eyelash Cleanser & Why Do You Need One?

An eyelash cleanser, also known as lash shampoo, cleans and takes care of eyelash extensions. Its main job is to do more than one thing. First, it helps eyelash extensions last longer by cleaning them. The lash shampoo primes natural lashes, enhancing their readiness for better adhesion with lash extensions and improved bonding with lash glue. When you use the extensions regularly, dirt, makeup, or oils don't have a chance to build up and cause the extensions to loosen or clump up early.

It cleans the area around the eyes, preventing eye pads from sliding. The action of refreshing can be soothing, especially for people whose eyes are sensitive or easily irritated.

Ultimately, using an eyelash cleanser regularly helps keep eyelash extensions in perfect condition, which leads to lashes that look bright and last a long time.

How To Choose The Best Lash Cleanser?

To make sure you get the best care for your eyelash extensions, you should think about a few important things when choosing the right lash cleanser:

  • Approved: Make sure that the eyelash cleansers you choose are officially approved as cosmetics. This means that they meet safety standards for use around the eyes.
  • pH Level: Keeping the pH level of the cleanser at or above 7 is important for maintaining the pH balance. Lower pH levels could shorten the life of lash extensions by making it harder for them to stick and causing them to fall out early.
  • Formula: Pick cleansers that don't have many or any added perfumes. When it comes to allergies, fragrances can be irritating or painful around the eyes because they can contain allergens.
  • Ingredients: Look for ingredients that are good for people who wear eyelash extensions. Select cleansers that contain extracts of Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, and Aloe Ferox Leaf. These ingredients are known to help prevent eye conditions like Blepharitis and improve the health of your eyelashes.

When picking a lash cleanser, giving these things some thought can really help keep your eyelash extensions clean, long-lasting, and in good health, which will lead to a comfortable and long-lasting lash experience.

Lash Shampoo And Lash Cleanser: What's The Difference?

Lash cleansers and lash shampoos are both products used for cleaning eyelashes, particularly for individuals who wear eyelash extensions or want to maintain the cleanliness of their natural lashes. While they serve similar purposes, there are some differences between the two:


  • Lash Cleanser: Primarily formulated to remove makeup, oils, dirt, and debris from the eyelashes and the eye area.
  • Lash Shampoo: Specifically designed to cleanse eyelashes and eyelids, including the lash line, to remove impurities, bacteria, excess oil, and debris.


  • Lash Cleanser: Typically contains gentle cleansing agents and ingredients that dissolve makeup and impurities without damaging eyelash extensions or causing irritation to the eyes.
  • Lash Shampoo: May contain ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid, or other antibacterial and soothing components to clean and soothe the eyelids and lashes, promoting better hygiene and reducing the risk of infections.


  • Lash Cleanser: Usually used before getting eyelash extensions applied to ensure the lashes are clean and free from any residues that might interfere with the bonding process. It can also be used for daily cleansing of the eye area.
  • Lash Shampoo: Used regularly as part of a routine to maintain lash hygiene, especially for individuals who wear eyelash extensions or makeup regularly. It's used to keep the lashes and eyelids clean and free from buildup.


  • Lash Cleanser: It must be used before each lash extension treatment and at home every morning and evening.
  • Lash Shampoo: Can be used more regularly, even daily, as part of a skincare routine to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around the lashes.


What cleanser is safe for lash extensions?

Lash cleanser that is cosmetics-approved and recommended by reputable lash technicians and brands.

What at-home cleaner can I use on my eyelash extensions?

For cleaning eyelash extensions at home, you can use a gentle, oil-free, and non-irritating lash cleanser specifically formulated for extensions.

Is micellar water enough to clean lash extensions?

As a multi-award-winning brand, we do not recommend using micellar water, as its pH is not designed for wearers of lash extensions.

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