Best eyelash extension tweezers in 2024

Tweezers are a lash artist’s most important tool. They’re in use constantly throughout the eyelash extension process so it’s vital you use the best eyelash extension tweezers for every job. Once you find the perfect suite of lash tweezers to suit your needs, lashing becomes so much easier, speedier, and more precise. A more enjoyable experience for both you and your clients!

With so many types of eyelash extension tweezers available, identifying the style you need can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield. But never fear, the Flawless team are here to give you the definitive guide to what you need for every job.

  1. Isolating Tweezers - best isolation tweezers
  2. Classic pick-up tweezers - best tweezers for classic lashes
  3. Flawless Volume Tweezers 90° - perfect tweezers for Russian Volume fans

Best tweezers for eyelash extensions

When writing this guide, we tested out many tweezers for eyelash extensions before deciding on our favorites. Here are the ones we can recommend.

Best Tweezers for Isolation

Hands down, you need Isolation tweezers! As you’d expect from the name – they allow the lash technician to separate and isolate each individual natural lash. Keeping the other lashes out of the way means it’s easier to apply the extensions and stops any lash glue spreading onto other lashes.

Isolating tweezers for eyelash extensions

What do they look like? Isolation tweezers have a very slight curve so that the tips curve away from the client’s eye as the lash artist separates the upper lashes. Some are straighter and some are more curved to suit the lash tech’s individual preferences.  

Why are they the best? All lash techs use them, from beginners to old hands – and almost constantly, so it’s worth investing in a good pair. Whether you’re applying one-to-one lashes for a classic look, or fans for a volume look, you will always need to isolate the natural lash.

Best Tweezers for Classic Lashes

Many would say straight tweezers; they allow the lash artist to pick up individual lashes for classic eyelash extensions – i.e. a single eyelash extension applied to a single natural lash. They’re often what beginners start with. However, when it comes to classic lashes the Flawless experts recommend a Classic Pick-up tweezer.

Classic tweezers for eyelash extensions

What do they look like? They have a gentle hook, like a more subtle version of Volume tweezers

Why are they the best? They’re cleverly designed to make classic lash application easier, making them particularly useful for beginners. They’re also a great introduction to hooked tweezers, which is essential for any tech who is planning to master Russian Volume eyelash extension tweezers.

Best Tweezers for Russian Volume

Creating and manipulating fans of multiple lashes is a very technical process that is incredibly difficult without investing in at least one pair of volume tweezers.

There are a few popular styles of volume tweezers, and which is best is really down to a matter of personal preference. Many people prefer 45-degree tweezers for 2D, 3D and 4D lashes, and 90-degree tweezers for 5-8D looks as they provide a larger area for gripping the lashes. Ultimately it boils down to what you find most comfortable - so use the shape that works best for you and your technique.

Volume 90 degree tweezers for eyelash extensions

However, if you’re looking for the best all-rounder for volume lashes, we recommend our Easy Fan tweezers. They are extremely popular and get rave reviews!

What do they look like? Volume Tweezers are longer than the average tweezer and are always curved. They’re sometimes named after the shape/ angle of the curve, for example 45-degree tweezers are also known as J curve and 90-degree tweezers are also known as L curve. Our versatile Easy Fan tweezers are something of a half-way house between those two shapes.

Why are they the best? They’re designed specifically to make it easy to pinch multiple lashes together into a fan, and apply to a single natural lash.  It’s the curved tip that allows the pick-up and grip of several lashes in one go.

Mega Volume tweezers

While you could use regular Volume Tweezers for Mega Volume, we recommend using specific Mega Volume tweezers. We’ve already discussed the complexity of Russian Volume; Mega Volume takes things to the next level with fans of up to 20 lashes, so don’t struggle with the wrong tool for the job!

Mega volume tweezers for eyelash extensions

What do they look like? They feature a 90-degree angle similar to some Volume tweezers, but cleverly designed with a longer foot and broader surface along the body.

Why are they the best? Mega Volume looks require very fine and lightweight lashes, otherwise the natural lash will bear too much weight. Such fine lashes of 0.03 and 0.04 are much harder to pick up and work with, hence a more advanced tweezer is needed. Mega Volume tweezers allow a wider range of holding positions; hold at the foot, in the middle or closer to the tip, and grip fans of super-fine lashes with precision.

How to choose the best eyelash tweezers

So now you know the best styles for each job – but how do you select the right supplier when there are so many out there?

Quality materials

While it’s easy to get swayed by fancy colours, patterns and finishes, the important thing is to select tweezers that are made from medical grade steel. This means they are easy to sterilise and will never rust.

Well made 

Good tweezers should be lightweight, easy to close (and keep closed), comfortable to use over long periods, and precisely made. Find a reputable retailer that specialises in lashes - and be sure to read the reviews.

Priced appropriately 

You might be tempted to think that all tweezers are the same and just go for the cheapest pair you can find, but remember: buy cheap, buy twice! As a professional lash technician, you’ll be using these tweezers constantly, so invest in quality and not only will the tools last you, they will also make your work much easier.

Right for you

So you’ve identified the styles you need and found a reputable retailer – all that’s left is for you to try them out and check that they suit you and your style of lashing. Many good quality tweezers are handmade, meaning there can be slight differences between pairs. Look for a retailer that will check them for you before sending out, and one that will also allow you to send them back if they’re not right for you. Flawless Lashes are proud to offer a 2-week satisfaction guarantee.

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