M-Curl Lashes: Everything You Need To Know

You've probably heard a lot about M-Lashes lately, your social media feed has likely seen floods of photos with artists and clients flocking to this new trend. This new and unique curl has already conquered many women's hearts and I am sure it won’t be long until it captures yours too!

I have been working a lot with M-Curl Lashes lately and I can honestly tell you that it’s not just me who has fallen in love, but my clients too. It has a unique bend and is different from other curls like L or L+ in the lash industry. 

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What are M-Curl lashes? 

The base of M lashes is straight, but not too long, and finishes in a strong curve without a kink at the transition. In contrast to eyelashes like L or L +, M has a nice smooth transition. 

Because of its dramatic, but not over curled, bend, it creates a beautiful lifting effect.

By following a few simple steps, it isn’t difficult to work with M-Curl eyelash extensions. There are a few things you should consider if you want to achieve the perfect, flawless result.

Here are my top tips on how to work with the popular M-Curl Lashes:

What Shape Are M-Curls Suitable For?

One of the reasons M-Lashes are so popular is their versatility to suit every eye shape. Especially hooded eyelids as they are able to be covered and even droopy eyes can be easily lifted.  

M Lashes can also give a lifting effect on deep-set eyes, small eyes or even Asian eyes. Close-set eyes can even give the illusion of wide-set eyes. So the great news is, you can use this special curl if you want to achieve an open eye look or hide any imperfections.

In this article we explain everything you need to know about the best eyelashes for small eyes.

Are M-Curls Easy To Work With?

Believe it or not,  M lashes are really easy to fan! Of course, this is also down to the quality of the fibre and the stickiness of the strip where our extensions applied, your choice of tweezers also play a major role. 

M Lashes can be used for all styles and effects including doll, cat and squirrel eyes. 

Remember to always pay attention to the direction when placing M Lashes on natural lashes. If you want to prevent it from looking messy or having too many crisscrosses, the extensions should all be placed in the same direction and parallel to each other.

To achieve a dark and dense look, you can work with perfect and narrow volume fans, the base of which should not be too long.

Can You Mix M-Curls?

M Lashes can always be mixed with other standard curls. I recommend you use B or C,  I like to use C in the inner corner and finish with M-Lashes. But here you should pay attention to the direction of the growth of the natural lashes of the client to achieve the right look. 

If you want to work with M lashes on the entire eye, it’s fine to start with longer lashes in the inner corner. Due to the lifting effect of the special bend, slightly longer eyelash extensions like 8mm will not look droopy in the inner corner.

While there are many things to consider when working with M Lashes, believe me, you and your clients will quickly become addicted to these amazing curls. You will be as obsessed as I am once you see their true potential and how easy they are to work with.

M-Curls are swiftly becoming the new must-have in any salon in 2020 and lash artists around the world simply can’t get enough!

Written By Our Germany Distributor And Trainer Nga 


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