Eyelash Extension Trends 2024

Well, what a year, hey? 2023 will certainly not be one that we forget. With the personal challenges it brought on an International scale, we have all been connected by this particular storm. In an effort to remain positive and celebrate the light things, we’ve been looking back at what we achieved through 2023.

Launching new products and services is no small feat. From Flawless mascara to online volume eyelash extension training, we’ve answered the prayers of many loyal customers and developed everything you’ve been asking for. Who ever thought we’d release Premade volume fans!? We reimagined the fast-growing item, for lash artist looking to make their life a little easier, in true Flawless fashion. We couldn’t have done it with your suggestions and support!  

So what do we think 2024 will hold for the lash industry? We’re here to let you know what eyelash trends we think are here to stay for the year ahead.

Online Training

With restrictions still in place in many countries globally, keeping lash academies open is going to be a struggle. We’ve got to keep safety in mind, so how do we keep learning and growing as lash artists? Online Lash Training! Though a service we developed in 2021, we think we’re going to see the demand for online training dramatically increase in 2023 and it’s always best to be there be there at the start for it.  

In many cases, online training provides you with the same, if not more, support and knowledge as academy training. With high quality recording, you will be seeing more than you would in person leaning over the trainer’s shoulder. When watching a pre-recorded video in 4K quality at all the important angles, you’ll be viewing more than you could with your own eyes. So we always recommend checking with your online training provider about the quality of the video. 

Not only can you see more, you can take online training from the safety and comfort of your own home. Set yourself up a space at home and follow the steps as instructed in the video tutorials, you can even be in your pyjamas if you want! To take it a step further, if you’re lucky enough to live with somebody you will let you practice, you could even submit your case studies all while you’re stuck inside during a lockdown. We’re aware of the concern for safety when attending academy trainings, so online training is your answer.

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Lash & Brow Lamination

This one isn’t going away anytime soon, we can assure you. With the service booming through 2021, this is one lash & brow trend we can see continuing through 2023. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend adding this one to your services as soon as possible. With brows, the perfectly precise looks and the fluffy just-brushed styles are key for any lash technician to add to their portfolio. Lifted lashes are the perfect way to introduce lash treatments to a first timer or somebody looking for who is after a look that’s little more natural than eyelash extensions.  

If it’s a service you already provide, are you providing products for your clientele to upkeep their freshly laminated look? As salons and independent lash technicians have taken a hard hit this year, in 2023 offering after care products that clients are able to purchase after their treatment can help bring some of that revenue back. For example, after brow lamination appointment our Flawless Brow Sculpt is the perfect companion. It holds treated and even untreated brows in place while continuing to nourish the natural hairs with aloe vera and castor oil. OR if you’ve just lifted a client’s lashes, a lamination-safe mascara is a great add on. Our Flawless Intensive Eye Mascara, is safe for treated lashes as well as helping to promote keratin so they grow longer & stronger with castor seed and coconut oil.

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Kim K Style Lashes 

The effortlessly wispy look, as adorned by the queen of the Kardashians herself, has become wildly popular over the past year. We see new styles of lashes all the time, take the eyeliner effect we’ve seen through 2021, but we think Kim K lashes are going to stand the test of time. Their subtile spikes and varied lengths give lashes that natural, off-duty model look. 

Providing different style as opposed to the usual, classics & Russian volume, give your clientele a varied selection to choose from. It may even help entice new customers to your business, if they haven’t felt lash extensions are for them this subtle style will help to ease them in and we can assure you they’ll be a full blown lash addict in no time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It’s not an eyelash trend as such but is a necessity. We know salons have always been safe. When working with something as delicate as a client’s eyes and their health, we take every precaution necessary to ensure cleanliness, but we added protection of shields, filtered masks and plastic screens, you want to make sure you’re investing your money in the right stuff.  

PPE puts yourself and your clients at ease knowing that you are both taking every measure recommended by health experts to protect each other from the spread of COVID-19. We’ve all left the house forgetting our mask before, right? It’s the worst feeling when you get just outside the shop and realise you haven’t got it on you. This can cause upset with clients and delays to their appointments, so to combat this we recommend stocking up on some extra masks available for your clients, in the worst case scenario that they’ve forgotten their’s before a treatment. 

Pre-made Fans

There’s been some resistance to the Pre-made Fan Lash revolution. We get it, you’ve been making handmade fans forever and then all of a sudden a new product comes along to cut that time in half, but they’re here to help you! With lockdowns and restrictions making lash salons shut their doors for extended periods of time, when they’re finally able reopen, you’re going to want to get as many clients booked up as possible. Pre-made Fans Lashes are the eyelash trends that is here to the rescue!  

Reducing the time it takes you to create a handmade Russian volume lash fan is going to mean you’re able to see more clients in the day. Pro-made Fan lashes can even cut down an appointment that would be 4 hours down 2.5 hours? What more could you want! That gives you more time to book in a quicker treatment, such as brow lamination or lash lift, you can even take yourself off on a break if you fancy it. It’s an extra hour and half to fill with whatever you want. If that sounds like a pretty good deal to you we recommend getting some practice in with them before ultimately using them during lash services with your clientele. We promise you they won’t tell the difference.

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