How To Apply False Eyelashes Like a Pro

Applying false lashes can be difficult, especially if you're new to the game. While it may seem easy in theory, the process of applying false eyelashes can be a challenge, even for the most experienced makeup enthusiasts.

There are a plethora of factors to consider when it comes to application, such as choosing the right type of false lashes, cutting them to fit your eye shape, and finding the perfect glue that won't cause irritation or fall off.

However, with some practice and a few handy hacks, you too can become a pro at putting on fake lashes that look natural and stunning. 

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But first, let's dive into our step-by-step guide for applying strip lashes with ease, share some tips and tricks for applying fake lashes like a pro, and highlight the benefits of lash extensions. 

1. Identifying the right false eyelashes for your eye shape

Depending on your eye shape, ensure you select the correct-sized strip lashes. For example, if your eye shape is hooded, we advise you to use curlier strip lashes that have the most length in the middle. If you have a more rounded eye shape, then go for shorter lashes that provide much more volume.

Finding the perfect type of eyelash can be a bit of a chore in itself. If you’re purchasing them for the first time, then purchase a couple of styles in varying length and volume before seeing what is the best fit for you.

2. Ensure a clean and well lit workspace

Look, I’ve had a number of issues when I find myself rushing my application of a false eyelash in a barely lit room with my friends waiting angrily that I’m half an hour late again.

It’s easy to forget that we’re handling delicate pieces of material, using a glamcor light will help to ensure that you’re handling the lashes correctly and will ensure your application of the eyelash glue will be seamless.

It seems obvious, but avoid leaving your lashes by an open window on a windy day and clear your workstation from dust. The extra few minutes in ensuring that your workspace is fit for purpose will prevent you from potentially hours of frustration in the future, trust me.

Make sure you have your strip lash glue, tweezers, scissors and mirror in front of you before you get started. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as the old saying goes.

3. Use tweezers to carefully peel the lashes from the tray

It’s important here that you pick up the lashes from the corner of the lash band and avoid picking it up from the actual eyelash itself. This is because it will likely damage the eyelash before you’ve even had a chance to put them on.

I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes the excitement can get to us all a little.

We do a range of tweezers at Flawless, ranging from isolation, straight and volume eyelash tweezers. The different types vary based on the different requirements.

For false eyelashes though, any pair will be fine. Just pinch them on the lash base and take care whilst you’re doing so, it’s easy to forget how delicate false lashes actually are.

4. Get the length right!

Do the lashes fit the length of your eyes? Amazingly, this is sometimes overlooked. Next thing you know, you’ve stepped outside the house looking like your eyelashes are growing out the side of your skull. It’s not a great look, I can vouch for that.

To ensure a perfect fit, hold the lash against your own eye with the inner (thin) corner of the lash over the point where your lashes thicken. If the lash is longer than your eyelid, cut off the excess at the outside edge.

This can seem a little daunting at first and get quite fiddly. If you do need to cut excess lash then cut them from the bottom up. Cutting through the lashes may cause you to unintentionally cut a false lash or two that you didn’t intend to and you’ll leave them looking like they’ve had a bad day at the hairdressers. 

5. Get the make up done

Now, if you are not using Strip Lashes (it’s okay, we forgive you), then we need to get the base of our makeup done. If you are using Strip Lashes then you can skip this step, as mascara or eyeliner application isn’t required!

Once you have your false lashes perfectly ready to be applied to your eyelid, add a layer of our non-smudging eyeliner.

6. Apply the eyelash glue

Holding the strip lashes with tweezers, apply a thin layer of lash adhesive along the lash band. Apply water-soluble strip lash adhesive. This seems like the easy bit but remember that like all adhesive applications, less is more.

Using an applicator or a small brush, apply just a thin layer of the glue along the lash band from end to end. The adhesive will be strong enough to ensure a long-lasting false eyelash. Then wait just a few seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky.

One key thing here, do not apply the adhesive directly on the eyelid. The adhesive will dry out and the effectiveness of it will quickly diminish. You could also risk sensitivity to your eyelid and eye.

7. Apply the false eyelashes

Using your tweezers, pinch the strip lash carefully in the centre and from the front. Carefully place the lash band directly on the skin just above your own natural lashes. Gently pull down the false eyelash from either end to get as close to your natural eyelashes as you can.

Avoid glueing strip lashes on natural lashes, as when you are removing strip lashes after the day, you can pull off natural lashes.

Once you are happy with the positioning of the lash, then apply gentle pressure across the lash band for a few seconds until it sets. Finally, hold the corners of the lash strip for a few more seconds to secure a fit.

This bit can be a little nervy at first, but a gentle approach will ensure the best application. The trick is to secure the centre of the lash band on to your eyelid and then adjust the positioning outwood.

Avoid applying the eyelash from the corner first as this could lead to a misaligned eyelash and a feeling of hopelessness.

8.Finish the look

Using your fingertips, carefully push against the lashes to encourage the curve. This will help to give them the look of a little more volume and spruce them up before the big night ahead

Doing this for the first time can be a little daunting, and take a number of practices before you get it just right. With all applications, be gentle and patient in your approach. It can be a little frustrating, but soon enough you’ll be able to apply a false eyelash with your eyes closed.

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