How to Choose the Lash Company for You

Whether you’re a brand new lash salon who’s just starting out or a long time owner simply looking to switch to a new lash company to buy your products from, it’s important to choose the right place to invest your money. There’s so much that needs to be considered. When your clients come back to you time and time again it’s because they love your lashes, so consistency is key. This means picking your lash brand and sticking with it is so important. Your clients will know what to expect every time they book in for a treatment. What you have to ask yourself is, do you want products that are cheap or products that are good quality? 

Even when it comes to picking a lash company to take lash course with, there’s a lot to consider. You don’t want to waste your own time and money, if you don’t pick a course that’s beneficial to you. You might find one that doesn’t cost as much as the rest, BUT we have to remember, there’s usually a reason for that.

Don’t fear, Flawless is here to help and we’ve listed all the questions you should research or ask next time you’re shopping with a new lash brand.

Are they accredited?

Accreditation is especially important when it comes to courses, you want to sure that this course is recognised by your insurance as well as a lash corporation. Accreditation is one of the first things you should look for when researching a brand, it means their product and services are being regulated by a corporation, who’s best interest is to make sure all of the lash company’s practices are legitimate and safe for their customers. If the brand does not display this proudly on their website, it should usually raise some red flags. If this information isn’t readily available, be sure to send them an email and ask if accreditation is something they have.

Do they have awards?

Awards are not just nice things that brands display in their offices or on their websites, they’re very important and should definitely be considered when you’re choosing a lash company to buy from. Awards prove that their products or services have been tested and deemed award worthy by outside, unbiased parties. The more awards a company has usually pays testament to the quality of the products or courses you’ll be buying from them. It should be simple to find out whether the brand you’re looking in to has awards, similarly to accreditation, they will usually be displayed proudly on their website or social media platforms.

Are they VAT registered?

This may not even be something you consider when shopping online for your lash products, being the price you pay when you check out is the final price, right? But sometimes it’s not! If the lash company isn't VAT registered, their products might seem particularly low while you’re clicking away, adding them to your basket but it won’t be until later when you’re invoiced or even when your items are delivered that you’ll receive surprise fees or customs charges that you’ll have to pay. A cheaper price tag isn’t worth those surprise bills, is it? 

Is their packaging clear?

i.e. can you read the labels and see every ingredient used including chemicals or potential allergens?

Yes, that product might look pretty, but you want to make sure the lash company you’re buying from isn’t simply sticking pretty labels on items they’ve had shipped in, which can cover important ingredient information. There are plenty of clients that will come to you, sometimes with the rarest kinds of allergies, and if you can’t tell them what’s in the products that you’re using on their eyes, we can guarantee that will be a lost client, because nobody is going risk their eye health or a possible allergic reaction, no matter how beautiful your eyelash extension sets are, sorry!

Are they responsive? Do they get back to your customer service queries promptly?

As we said, you should be able to ask a lash company any questions you might have about their products and services, but if they’re not even getting back to your emails, what can you do? We know issues can arise with orders, that maybe to no fault of the brand, i.e. shipping delays or damage to parcels, but if you need to be sure they’ll be getting back to you quickly to rectify the problem. There is really no excuse for poor customer service and do you want to be investing your money into a company that doesn’t treat you with the same amount of respect? To be sure, send a simple message about a product you’d like to purchase with a query. See how long it takes for them to respond to you AND if their response is helpful too. This is a quick test that will help you make a more informed decision before dedicating yourself to one lash company. 

Do they have reviews?

And we don’t just mean on their website, do they have TrustPilot or any other third-party review service? Verified reviews are very important as they will help to give you a clear indication of what a lash company’s products are like. Reviews on their website are open to potential editing OR selection on whether they would like to share positive ones over negative ones. With TrustPilot a company has little to no control over the reviews left, so they will be some of the truest examples of what past customers have thought. A lot of reviews through these third-party platforms will also be linked directly to purchases made by customers, so you know they are genuine, as opposed to friends or family leaving reviews for them to bump up their rating.

What are their shipping options?

We’ve all been down to the wire before when it comes to lash supplies, have you ever finished a bottle of glue at the end of the day and realised it’s the last one you had? You want to pick a lash company that will be able to get supplies quickly to you in times like this. It is a good idea to check where a company is located too, when you enquire about shipping, because if you’re someone who loves a next-day delivery, there’s no use picking a company located incredibly far away, unless you don’t mind spending a fortune on express shipping. Shipping is also additional cost to consider when working out which lash company will provide quality eyelash extension products but will still be good value for money, so take your time when looking into this aspect.

Is there good after-purchase support?

This doesn’t just mean customer service support, but do they offer a reward-scheme? Do they offer exclusive discounts to mailing list subscribers? If you’re a student, do they over lifetime student discount? These are all things to consider, because this shouldn’t just be a one time purchase. Lash companies who offer after-purchase support or deals, want to build a positive relationship with clientele and will often provide the best service. 

We hope this has helped you with your quest to find the perfect lash company to give your business to. It can be tough to know what’s best, but we believe if you follow these steps you’re sure to find the right one for you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you’re unsure and always keep in mind that if it seems too good to be true it usually is when it comes to pricing vs the quality of products.

If you have an queries about our services here at Flawless please check our FAQ section here or feel free to email us at


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  • Ashlee Latimer

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    I currently work and live in a small town in the US in Arizona. There isn’t any lash supply stores here in town. I have been using your adhesives ever since I started lashing 5 years ago and I will never sway from you. I want to sell product out here and I was wondering you guys would consider private labeling?

    Thank you in advance!!

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