How to Dye Your Eyelashes

If you’re looking for a way to create a stunning eyelash look, you should consider dyeing or tinting them. Yes, just as with hair and brows, you can colour your lashes to make them really stand out.  

Whether you’re interested in adding a little extra to those pretty dark eyelashes or you’re naturally blond and looking to add some drama, dyeing eyelashes is not nearly as hard as you may think it is. 

However, as with anything involving the eyes, there is a margin for errors and the errors can lead to irritation and inflammation. So, if you’re interested in learning how to dye your eyelashes safely, you’ve come to the right place.

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Choosing the Right Dye and Colour

To begin, you need to invest in a good quality eyelash tint. You’ll find there’s plenty to choose from out there. As this is possibly your first time trying it at home, you’re best opting for a ready-made kit.

When it comes to choosing the colour, the world is your oyster, in terms of variety. However, just because lots of different colours are available, doesn’t mean they’re all suitable. Some things to consider when choosing the best tint colour, includes:

  • Matching it to your hair colour – Although it doesn’t need to be an exact match, your eyelashes should coordinate with your brows and hair. As a rule, dark blues, blacks and other dark colours work well if you are a brunette. While dark browns and blonde are best for blondes and chestnut or dark brown for redheads. 
  • Do you wear mascara? – Another way to determine the right colour of eyelash tint is by choosing one that’s like your go-to mascara.


Patch Test Your Choice Before Going for the Eyes

While we’re sure there’s plenty of products you’ve not carried out patch tests on, eyelash tint is not one you want to follow suit with. As it will be going close to your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes, you need to make sure it’s not going to cause an allergic reaction. So, follow the instructions for making the tint and then apply some to under your arm. If there’s no problems, you’re good to go (thought we always advise to use a professional and have them tinted).

Get Prepared

Before you settle down and start prettying up and colour your lashes, make sure you have everything you need. Although most kits tend to include all the tools and things you need, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you have to hand the following items: 

  • A small tray for mixing activators and colours
  • Ensure you apply eye pads to protect the skin.
  • Tiny brush, whether it’s an eyeliner brush or paintbrush, it’s up to you, for dying your lashes’ roots
  • Disposable Microbrush, to use as an applicator for the dye.
  • Gentle makeup cleanser, wipes, cotton buds and cotton pads, to clean away any droplets of tint that get on your skin.

Clean Those Lashes

To get the best results from your eyelash tinting session, you want to make sure the canvas you’re working with is a clean one. So, give your lash extensions a nice and thorough clean to get rid of any eye make-up that may still be on them. Obviously, using a mild and gentle cleanser.

Dye Those Lashes

Depending on the type of tint you’ve bought, you may have to mix the dye. For that part, follow any instructions supplied by the manufacturer. When it comes to applying the tinting solution, though, coat the applicator fully in the tint.

It may be common sense, but it’s worth noting that you should always do this in front of a mirror. This will help you to carefully tint as far down the roots as possible, while avoiding tinting your actual eyes, for a more professional and precise look. If any dye does go in your eyes, you need to immediately rinse it out.

Always dye one eye at a time, so you can monitor you progress properly.

Once you’ve applied the dye, use some clean wet cotton to remove any stains caused by the tinting solution around your lashes. Allow the dye to work its magic for at least 4-8 minutes (or the time stated by the dye manufacturer) before rinsing and cleaning your eyelashes.

Now you’ve got killer, hot lashes that will last for at least 20 days. 

Or, alternatively, the best option would be to go to a professional and have your lashes lifted and tinted at same time

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  • Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining that you should make sure that your lashes are clean before you dye them. My friend has been wondering if she should tint her lashes and has been wanting to try it out whether that be by herself or talking to a professional. I think after reading the process, I would personally hire someone to do this so that I know it is being done correctly and safely.

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