How To Put On Eyeshadow - 5 Steps

If you want to enhance the dimension, depth, size or colour of your eyes, eyeshadow is a great cosmetic to use. One of the first things you probably learned as a child was how to put on eyeshadow.

As easy as applying eyeshadow is, learning how to put on eyeshadow properly is another matter entirely and something many struggle with. It can be rather confusing trying to figure out the right eyeshadow colour for your skin tone and eye colour and how many different brushes you need.

If you constantly feel out of your depth when it comes to eyeshadow, don’t despair, as we are here to help. As well as giving you a fool proof guide on how to apply eyeshadow, we will also supply you with some great eyeshadow tips along the way.

1. It All Starts with the Brushes

When you don’t have the right tools to hand, how can you possibly apply eyeshadow in an appealing and attractive way? Michelangelo would never have been able to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel if he was just using his fingers. So, one of keys to getting it right when you are learning how to put on eyeshadow correctly is having the right brushes.

Rather than opting for bargain basement priced brushes because you think it’ll save you a couple of pounds, invest in some high-quality brushes to make applying eyeshadow hygienic, precise and even.

Synthetic makeup brushes are recommended over natural bristle variations, because as well as being allergy-friendly and easier to clean, they are also less expensive. Depending on the type of looks you want to achieve, it makes sense also to have a variety of different sizes and styles of makeup brushes.

2. Always Apply a Base Layer

Rather than just steam rolling ahead and applying eyeshadow with the colour you want to stand out the most, you should always apply a base layer of shadow to your eyelids. Take your brush and sweep your preferred shade onto the lids. Do you have gorgeous deep brown eyes? You might be best trying a shimmer tone.

It really depends on the type of look you are trying to achieve, but you can even bring that base eyeshadow colour as far as the bone of your brow if you’re looking to get that sexy smoky look. Otherwise, you can take the eyeshadow up to the crease of your eye to have a more day-to-day look.

One of our favourite eyeshadow tips is to keep your eyes open when you are placing the chosen colour into the crease and then follow the lash line. By doing this, you will never have messy lines or overshoot the crease.

3. Very Dark Colours Are Perfect for Rimming Lashes

You can use eyeliner to make your eyes look wider, thicker and more entrancing. However, if you’re not especially a big fan of eyeliner (like so many others) there are ways you can achieve a similar look using very dark eyeshadow. Take a short-bristled flat brush and press the dark colour of your choice along the upper eyelid edge just at the point where the eyelashes begin and then along the lower line of lashes.

4. Darker Eyeshadow Suits the Crease of the Eye

As darker colours attract more light, if you place darker eyeshadows in the eye crease it can give your eyes greater dimension and depth, making them really stand out. This can be done using a domed brush dipped in dark toned shadow and by sweeping it along the eye socket, following your eye’s shape between the eyelid and brow bone.

5. Finish by Highlighting with a Shimmery Eyeshadow

If you want to add a certain degree of lift and make your brows pop and stand out more, you could apply a pale and shimmery eyeshadow underneath your brow. To add lighter and shade to your look, you could also take that same colour and apply it into the corner of your eye.

There’s no denying that knowing the theory of how to put on eyeshadow, greatly differs from applying eyeshadow like a pro. Hopefully though, with the eyeshadow tips we’ve shared above, you will be able to switch your eyeshadow game up and really turn heads.

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