Can I wear eyelash extensions with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses and eyelash extensions at the same time! It's important to pick the right style and size so that they fit well and don't get in the way of your lenses. Eyelash extensions can make you look beautiful, but it's important to choose lashes that go well with your glasses and won't hurt or bother you.

In this guide we will talk about whether or not lash extensions can be worn with glasses and give you expert tips from Loreta on how to choose the best pair of lashes for glasses wearers.

What Lashes Are Good For Glasses?

Finding the right lash extensions that go well with glasses can make a huge difference in how you look without sacrificing comfort. Choosing the right style and type of eyelashes is very important for people who wear glasses so that they don't hurt or get in the way of their lenses.

Here are the main lash types so you can always get a good fit that looks great.

Natural or Wispy Lashes

People who wear glasses should choose natural or wispy lashes. The light and subtle design of these lashes gives your eyes a little extra volume and length without making them look too big. They look like your real eyelashes and give your eyes a soft, fluttery look that goes great with your glasses.

Shorter Length Lashes

Another great option for people who wear glasses is shorter length lashes. The shorter length of these eyelashes makes sure that they won't bother your lenses or brush against them. They make your natural eyelashes look a little better and let your glasses fit comfortably on your face.

Curled or Upward-Pointing Lashes

If you wear glasses, curled or upward-pointing lashes are best because they keep your lenses from getting dirty. There is a curved shape to these lashes that lifts your natural lashes up, giving you wide eyes that look good with your frames.

Thin or Invisible Band Lashes

If you want your lashes to fit naturally and comfortably with your glasses, you should choose ones with a thin or invisible band. The band on these eyelashes is light and bendable, and it sits close to your lash line. This keeps them from being too bulky or uncomfortable when you wear glasses.

For a natural and comfortable look while wearing glasses, it's important to choose the right lash extensions. You can make your eyes look better without giving up comfort or style by choosing the right type of eyelashes.

How To Wear Lashes With Glasses?

Wearing lash extensions with glasses can be a bit tricky, but with the right tips and tricks, you can achieve a beautiful look without discomfort. Here’s what you need to know:

Shorter Lengths

It is very important to choose lashes that are shorter. If your eyelashes are too long, they can rub against your lenses and make them feel itchy and uncomfortable. Try to get lashes that make your eyes look better without going too far past your natural lash line. For people who wear glasses, lashes that are between 5mm and 10mm are usually best.

Lightweight and Natural Styles

Natural and light styles work great with glasses. Lashes that are wispy and have a thinner band are less likely to hurt and can look beautiful and natural. If your eyelashes are too thick or heavy, they can make your eyelids look heavy and make it hard to see through your glasses.

Curled or Upward-Pointing Lashes

This kind of lash extension not only keeps other things from getting in the way or dirty, but it also opens up your eyes, making them look bigger and more awake. If the eyelashes you want aren't curled enough, you can use an eyelash curler to get the look you want.

Clear or Thin Lash Bands

Clear or thin lash bands are more flexible and easy to wear every day, especially if you wear glasses. They blend in perfectly with your natural lash line and keep your eyes from getting too big, which can be annoying when you wear glasses.

Mascara to Natural Lashes First

Before applying your lash extensions, apply a coat of mascara to your natural lashes. This helps blend your real and lash extensions together and minimises the risk of mascara smudges on your lenses.

Adjust Your Glasses

If you can, move your glasses' nose pads so they are a little farther away from your face. This can give your eyelashes more room and make it less likely that they will hit the lenses.

These tips and tricks will help you wear lash extensions with glasses without any problems. You'll look beautiful and your glasses will look great with them.


How to make glasses not touch eyelashes?

You can prevent glasses from touching your eyelashes by adjusting the nose pads to slightly lift the frames away from your face, creating more space between your lenses and lashes.

Is it bad if my eyelashes touch my glasses?

Yes, it can be problematic if your eyelashes touch your glasses. It can cause discomfort, smudging on the lenses, and potential damage to the lashes over time. Opt for shorter lashes to avoid this issue.

How long should lashes be for people with glasses?

Lashes should ideally be 5mm to 10mm long for glasses wearers. This length ensures that they enhance your eyes without brushing against the lenses, providing comfort and a natural look.

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