Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

That’s the big question this week, do you prefer Lash Lift or Eyelash Extensions? While both treatments garner beautiful results, they both have their pros and cons. It’s all about personal preference and what the lash artist you’re working with is capable of.

When deciding between these two treatments the key questions you need to ask yourself are what state are your natural lashes in & what is the look you would like to achieve? If you come to a salon with the answers to these questions already in mind, it’ll make the decision quick and easy for your lash tech! 

Through this article we will be discussing the differences between lash lift and lash extensions and help you to figure out which is right for you.

LASH LIFT VS. LASH EXTENSIONS: what’s the difference?

They’re two very different treatments, a Lash Lift is the process of lifting and setting lashes while an Eyelash Extension treatment involves applying multiple lash fans to each individual lash. So why are we finding it so hard to decide?

What is a lash lift?

Lash lift (or lash lamination) is a method that enhances the look of your natural lashes with no need for glue or false lashes, while still leaving a stunning result for up to 6 - 8 weeks!

This treatment involves the application of lash lift rods (this will look like a small silicone shield) to the natural lashes to literally lift and push them upwards. The lash tech will then fix them in place with safe setting lotions and lash lift tools, to ensure all residue is removed once the setting time has been completed. A lash tint can also be applied during this procedure.

A lash tint is a bit like semi-permanent mascara, and often comes included or as an add-on to your lash lift treatment.

Flawless lash lift

Lash artists know that lifted lashes will not achieve the same volume or full effect as extensions do and it all really depends on how your natural lashes are to start off with.

Lifted lashes enhance your natural beauty, as they are not adding anything extra to what you already have, whereas with eyelash extensions we are creating multiple lash fans to apply to each individual natural lash and complete the look. Some clients may still need to apply mascara to achieve the look they would like, especially if they do not get a tint during treatment.

What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a great option when wanting less fuss in the morning because they last up to 4 - 6 weeks (when great retention practices are followed). As explained, the process of applying eyelash extensions involves your lash technician adding 1:1 lashes, creating multiple lash fans or using premade fans (depending on whether you have chosen classic or russian volume lashes), and carefully adding these to your individual lashes using a set of tweezers and fixing with a safe lash adhesive.

Eyelash extensions will reduce your time in front of the mirror to get ready & there will be no need for mascara at all! You can achieve your desired volume look when working with a skilled lash artist. They will be able to safely create the style you would like and adapt it to your eye shape or what the state of your current natural lashes are.

Unlike lash lifts, with eyelash extensions there are lots of different styles to choose from. Adding extra lashes during the extension process will help correct small features about your eyes that a great lash artist can pick up on, i.e. using a D, L or M curl in the outer corner to lift downturned eyes. There will be eyelash extensions to suit even a down-growing or straight lash, to give them that lifted, curled appearance.

Eyelash extensions

But we have to remember that extensions require regular upkeep with infills every 2-3 weeks and if your lash artist doesn’t provide proper aftercare info you are putting your eye health at risk.

Lashes need to be washed every day, with a product that will act as a lash cleanser or lash conditioner, such as a foam cleanser. This will help your natural lashes remain healthy and reduce shedding. Not to mention this treatment will cost more than a lash lift and will take a substantial amount of time for you to be laying down.

When deciding between these two treatments the key questions you need to ask yourself are what state are your natural lashes in & what is the look you would like to achieve? Though both treatments enhance your lashes they do it in very different ways. If you go for a lash lift and expect it to look like a full set, you will always come out disappointed and vice versa.


So let’s make it simple! Here are the benefits to having a lash lift:

  • Shorter treatment length
  • Costs less
  • Treatment lasts 6 - 8 weeks
  • Treatment does not need to be as regularly maintained at Eyelash Extensions
  • More subtle look (if that’s what you would like)


  • More dramatic look (if that’s what you would like)
  • Can correct small imperfections
  • Can be adapted to your eye shape & more styles to choose from
  • Treatment lasts 4 - 6 weeks
  • No need for mascara at all


When it comes to making your decision, you want to consider the benefits, but it is always subjective to what you are looking to achieve. If you would like dark, high-volume lashes then eyelash extensions are the way to go, but if you are looking for a subtle enhancement to your existing lashes, as though you have just used a lash curler and applied a mascara all the time, then we would recommend a lash lift.

Lash lift is a great place to start if you have never had a lash treatment before. They cost less and they take less time, so you are not investing as much if you are not satisfied with results. If you are happy with the finished product and love your lift, then continue to have lash lift treatments, but if you find that you are looking for something more, then it may be time to step up to eyelash extensions.


  • Elle Jones

    Your statement that you won’t need mascara any longer if you contemplate eyelash extensions is the greatest portion of your blog. They cut down on the time you spend in front of the mirror, as you indicated. I should give this some thought since whenever I apply mascara to make my eyes seem more expressive, I always arrive late for my appointments. I could also see how much money I might save on cosmetics if I followed your advice.

  • Shammy Peterson

    The best part of your blog is when you said that you won’t need mascara anymore when you consider eyelash extensions. As you said, they reduce your time in front of the mirror. This would surely be a good thing for me to consider because I am always late in my appointments when I try to make my eyes look more expressive through mascaras. I could also imagine how much money for makeup I could save when I consider your tips.

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