Makeup vs. Lash extensions

Let’s have a debate, shall we? Which is best? Lashes or make-up. 

Girls! We can get to the bottom of this age old debate without breaking our nails in a nasty cat fight!

All through the past and even now in the present day, we have been taught to tell our clients, “absolutely NO make up on your eyes.”  Why?  

First, let’s establish there are some hard and fast rules for lash extensions.  We know they will not change:

-No water proof mascara, or applying mascara to volume lash extensions.  This is the golden rule.  It just simply cannot be broken.

The reason for that is all in the chemistry.  We know that many ingredients in conventional make up and make up removers are not compatible with the marriage, or “the bond”, between the extension and natural lash.  Oils and ingredients, like PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalen Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol), in most make up removers can breakdown the adhesive causing premature extension loss.

Silicones and Carbonates in products like mascara, will also interfere with proper bonding.  For example, if natural lashes are silicone coated via mascara, they will flatten and smooth down the cuticle. Once the natural lash is coated you can’t clean it off. Those lashes will now not properly bond with the extension for the life of the natural lash.

The result will be a continued cycle of premature extension loss, a frustrated stylist and unhappy and dissatisfied clients.  Who wants that? No one! the only conclusion to be drawn that no make up can be worn while wearing lash extensions?  Keep reading to find out.  

The battle really begins with our clients.  Our clients who wear makeup are not going to stop wearing makeup. Have you checked out YouTube lately? We have!  And so, have all of our clients. Many beauty vloggers all over social media have had phenomenal success perfecting the art of cut crease lids, the famed winged liner, sharp and sculpted brows, etc. Naturally, clients and stylists alike want to duplicate those looks. 

Well, I’m here to tell you, there is a solution!  We know lash extensions are not going away anytime soon or ever for that matter. The science of lashing and lashes is a driving force for many of the top brands.

We are learning more about the way ingredients work and inter act with each other as well as with the natural lash and lash growth. More and more products are being developed to be compatible with cleansing, application products, lash extensions, adhesives along with aftercare products.

Furthermore, the more we continue to learn the science, the better the efficacy of products will be. The long term outcome will be an industry that continues to flourish.  That is nothing less than exciting!

So, can we wear make up or not!?

Yes, you can! With that comes some simple rules. Lash extension safe cleansers and makeup removers have been around for a while now.  The exciting news is now there are make up products being developed to be safely compatible with extensions.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta eyeliner pens are safely compatible and come in four intense and glamorous colors. The precise tip pen comes in black, brown, purple and green for an intensely alluring and oh-so-glamorous eye color.  Whether you go with a sleek sharp wing or a smokey and smoldering cat eye, these liners are sure to enhance your eyes.

And the best part is they have the full approval of your lash extensions stylist. So, snap away those selfies and Instagram your heart out as you bat those lashes adorned with gorgeous color. With Flawless liners you don’t have to choose lashes or makeup, you can have your cake and eat it too!  Happy Lashing AND beautiful liner…oh what a wonderful combination!  Best of all ladies, there is no need to fight! 


Katherine J. Elliott



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