The secret power of Dumont tweezers

January 17, 2018 1 Comment

The secret power of Dumont tweezers

Dumont tweezers, THE ultimate tweezers!!! How excited was I when I found out that Flawless Lashes will start supplying them!

Switzerland is known for its delicate chocolate, its prosperous banks, its expensive watches, its life saving pocket knives (come on, who never needed a tooth pick or tweezers in the middle of a sunday walk?!). All that reinforce the swiss reputation for being clever, precise and amazing at attention to details. The swiss company Dumont is a great proof of this. Being one of the best manufacturer of handcrafted tools recognised in many industries such as jewelery making, medical and micro-electronics so I could only expect very comfortable and efficient tweezers, right?

The big day arrived when those were delivered to our office. As every new arrival, Dumont tweezers needed to be tested. So far, so good. But how disappointed was I when I couldn't pick up my beautifully made fan? I've tried and tried again with no success until I was told that I was doing it wrong. Nobody likes to be told they are doing it wrong when they are experienced as I am. Yet, I was determined to make Dumont tweezers work for me.

All it took is using the right technique and some good advice. 

So to save you time and exasperation, let me share with you my findings.

There is two main things to keep in mind if you want to use your Dumont tweezers properly.

Use the right technique:

We all know there is many techniques to make fans and we all have our own ways too. Some other techniques might work but we find that both Curved Dumont and Angled Dumont are best if you are using the "Rocking technique" and the "Wiggle technique", you know the ones. If you don't know them, we can teach them to you at our Academy

Hold the tweezers correctly:

The tips of the tweezers will react differently depending on where you place your finger and apply pressure. I found that if I hold the tweezers too high, the tip doesn't close properly and the fan is not grabbed fully. 

Hold the tweezers like below for a good grip:

lash extension tweezers 

 Or even like so. Using my middle finger to press even harder makes an even better grip.

lash extension tweezers

This works for both Curved and Angled Dumont tweezers, though as each one of them is hand finished, they are slightly different and sometimes adjusting is necessary. But once I found the right way, my Dumont tweezers became my new best friend!

If you use the "Wiggle" or the "Rocking technique...why not give them a try?

Need more help with Dumont curved tweezers, check out that video:

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Sophie Rivest
Sophie Rivest

December 06, 2017

I need Dumont angle.
When its availabale?

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